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    2004, false gang-rape allegation

    Feminism in Australia - radical feminists create anti-male environment

    This is an old story, 2004, very very similar to the Duke-Case in the USA.
    I think, this gang-rape false allegation was never reported in this forum.

    It's worth a reading, really.

    There are also some other interesting articles and links on this webpage, which I found accidentally. Link above.


    Media in feeding frenzy over rugby team gang-rape allegations

    Allegations by a 20-year-old woman that she had been pack-raped by six members of the Canterbury Bulldogs rugby league team at a hotel in the northern NSW resort town of Coff's Harbour on the morning of 22 February 2004 following a night of celebrations by the team sent the media into a wild feeding frenzy for the next three months. The rugby players' guilt was automatically assumed. Head of a special police task force, Detective Chief Inspector Jason Breton had no doubt of the players guilt when he announced to the media that the woman was a victim of a "very vicious assault". A confidential police interview describing the allegations in graphic detail was leaked to the media. All of the focus was on the accused. Nobody questioned the veracity of the complainant.
    Weeks of unsavoury media beat-up followed, severely damaging the standing of not only the team in question but all rugby players. Then it washed over into AFL with two St Kilda members being charged (by the media) with rape.
    Finally, on April 28, Chief Inspector Breton reluctantly announced to the panting media that there was not enough evidence to proceed and the charges had been dropped. Breton however, made it clear he thought the accused were guilty although he gave no reasons why.

    Some of the facts that have slowly come to light are:
    • In a signed police statement, the complainant admitted to engaging in consensual group sex with a number of the players on the night of February 18, just three nights before the alleged rape.
    • She also admitted having consensual sex with one player on the night of the alleged attack.
    • An independent witness sees the woman frolicking with a player in the hotel pool about 6.30am.
    • Shortly after, another independent witness sees a player sitting on the edge of the pool and the woman standing in the pool, giving him a head job.
    • The woman tries to enter the room of other players about 8am but is turned away.
    • Shortly after she cries rape. The police arrive about 9am.
    • A few days later a woman rang the Bulldogs club suggesting that all allegations would be withdrawn if $25,000 was paid.
    • Part of the complainants story was undermined by her friend, Kylie Hubbard.
    • The police admit that DNA evidence was inconclusive.
    It is possible the players committed the offence. If that was the case the massive police resources thrown into the investigation should have produced charges. In any event the players are entitled to the presumption of evidence until charged and found guilty.
    The allegations cost the club an estimated $1.3 million in sponsorship deals, and cost the jobs of chief executive Steve Mortimer, former chief Peter Mortimer and football Manager Garry Hughes.
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    Re: 2004, false gang-rape allegation

    I remember this story. The media did a great job convincing us that they were guilty from day one. There was a lot of 'guilty-looking' footage of rugby players walking down the street, in sunglasses, refusing to comment. Must be guilty.


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