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    Biurny Peguero 20/20 interview

    Listen to this ridiculous woman. Constantly, she states that she "was drunk" as if it is a proper excuse. What I find even more appalling is the treatment the reporters give to this story and to her in particular. I mean this is just as bad as it gets. To afford anyone who does this to an innocent man any sympathy at all is completely wrong.

    Notice they cut the video just before the part where she says she lied to the police and sent an innocent man to jail.

    Just plain bad! To think that ABC put this up on their channel without its proper conclusion just tells you how far gone the media are when dealing with rape accusations.

    Do not ever suppose that a small group of people can never change the world. INDEED it is the only thing that ever has.


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    Re: Biurny Peguero 20/20 interview

    I watched this some time back. The fact that they treat this in almost a sympathetic manner is revolting, her actions are appalling despite guilt getting the better of her. However the fact they covered this at all is encouraging.

    This whole incident begs the question how many men are jail where their accuser did not fess up. Also do we know how long she served. My bet is she was out after a year with a name change, dye job and anonymously reintegrated into society without further consequences.


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