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    Women on The Apprentice

    Last night I watched the UK version of The Apprentice and decided to do a little experiment. I recorded the amount of times that contestants either insulted or criticised other contestants, either to their face or behind their backs.

    The results are interesting, although not surprising.

    Amount of insults or critical comments made:

    Man to man - 7

    Man to woman - 3

    Woman to man - 11

    Woman to woman - 13

    I observed that the female contestants were much more likely to be obstreperous and argumentative, choosing to criticise and badmouth others, rather than focusing on the given task. Also, arguments between women were frequent and . It's as though they're trying to undermine each other because they know that whoever's left stands a much better chance of special-treatment with the remaining men.

    One contestant, called Claire, was purposefully sabotaging communications between her team leader and the rest of team in a blatant and deliberate attempt to sabotage the task. Also, every time he politely asked her to do something, she became argumentative and patronising. Most bosses would have fired her immediately!

    Annoyingly, Sir Alan chose to fire the team-leader, Simon, who was a hell of a lot more scrupulous and hard working than any of the other people in his team on that day, particularly Claire.

    I wonder just how often Sir Alan feels pressured to fire men - even though he wants to fire women - lest he be accused of sexism?

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    Re: Women on The Apprentice

    This is the kind of 'personal activism' I think does us all the world of good. It's all very well feminist 'studies' claiming this, or that, or even the other - but in reality, we are ALL perfectly capable of making the observations ourselves without the need for feminist 'studies'.

    Go into a pub, and watch how people interact, take a notepad and write little notes.

    It takes NO TIME or effort to do these and time after time after time the feminist 'studies' will prove to be LIES. Reality always trumps the deceit and lies of feminist theory.
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
    --Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.--

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