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    Sexist Italian-Australian singer glorified by dumb journalist and feminazi

    Is Cilmi a chauvinist?
    Sacha Molitorisz | November 22, 2008
    Source: Brisbane Times
    Gabriella Cilmi is a Melbourne teenager who came from nowhere - that is, Dandenong - to win six ARIA awards last month. That's one award for every man bound, gagged, trussed or tethered in the video clip for Cilmi's breakthrough song, Sweet About Me.

    A catchy number in the style of Amy Winehouse, Sweet About Me is all innocent and playful, until it reaches the chorus. "Sweet about me," sings Cilmi, who turned 17 last month. "Nothin' sweet about me."

    A cheeky lyric, and the video clip is cheekier. Performing with her band, Cilmi wears skinny jeans, cowboy boots and an air of confidence in a stylish, warehouse-shot clip shot that's just like hundreds of stylish, warehouse-shot clips. So far, so predictable.

    But as the camera follows the singer, it reveals a man bound and gagged and hanging upside down, suspended from the rafters. The revelation is underplayed, as if the presence of a shackled, dangling man is no big deal. Then the camera reveals another victim, tied with rope and reaching frantically for what looks like a mobile phone. It turns out to be a harmonica, which he grasps just in time to play a solo. Next Cilmi arrives at a young man stuck in a box. Only the man's head and arms are showing, upon which Cilmi pours water (or is it vodka?). A fourth man is gaffer taped to the floor; a fifth is tied to a chair; a sixth is caught in a net.

    In the war of the sexes, it seems, Cilmi will not be a victim. "When you're playing with desire," she sings, "Don't come running to my place when it burns like fire, boy." It's an empowerment anthem for modern gals.

    What if a similar clip had the genders reversed? Say, with Damien Leith crooning, "I'm a nice guy - out in public," as he passes a succession of writhing mannequins strapped to his bedhead. Or Robbie Williams singing, "I'll respect you in the morning, but not tonight", as he bundles a handcuffed businesswoman into a crate beside half-a-dozen near-nude colleagues. Can you imagine?

    "Of course not," says Helen Garner, author of The First Stone. "Because there's no history of women's violence towards men that it would be subverting."

    Fair point. And if Cilmi is subverting the history of men's violence towards women, she isn't alone. Rather, she's evidence of a growing trend towards what might be termed reverse sexism or female chauvinism. Especially in advertising, where women are increasingly ogling, objectifying and victimising blokes.

    In the late 1990s a Voodoo hosiery billboard showing a near-naked woman sitting astride a naked man tied up with black stockings. In 2005 a Morning Fresh TV ad showed a woman striking a man over the head with a spanner.

    Also generating controversy: a soup ad showing a policewoman felling a male crook with a kick to the groin; a Volkswagen Polo ad showing a female driver laughing upon seeing the crotch of a male courier in her side mirror beside the words, "Objects in mirror may appear bigger than actual size"; and another Voodoo billboard with two naked crouching men on a leash wearing only dog collars.

    In response, masculinists and men's libbers now argue they are the ones suffering. These days men are claiming the right to be victims too. Not that you will hear Kathy Lette crying.

    "It's a man's world," says Lette, author of 10 novels about the sex war. "One hundred years since Emmeline Pankhurst tied herself to the railings and women still don't have equal pay, and we're still getting concussion hitting our heads on the glass ceiling - plus we're expected to Windex it while we're up there. Until women are treated as equals instead of sequels, we have every right to comically kneecap you in ads or song clips. And you're pathetic whinge bags if you complain about it."

    I'm not complaining. As a man - albeit a man with a woman's name - Cilmi's video is not offensive. It's harmless and clever, with a mood that's more teen dress-ups than Nazi-themed sex romp. Not one of her victims looks distressed. These young men may be deprived of their liberty, but every hair is in place. That, presumably, is the main thing.

    But is Cilmi's video is a step towards or away from gender equality? By tying up boys, is she countering stereotypes and redressing past injustices? Or is her reverse sexism dark and potentially damaging - a vengeful wrong in answer to an earlier wrong?

    It's the former, a necessary step on the path to parity. For too long, men have held power at the expense of women; now, in a few corners of pop culture, this inequality has been overcorrected and replaced by an inverted inequality. In some music videos and ads, sex objects and sex subjects have traded places. As long as this inversion is both temporary and playful, I'm all for it

    At the end of her clip, the diminutive Cilmi steps up onto a box and lets the man fall from the rafters. He lands out of shot, but I'm guessing he's bruised but intact, his little game of subjugation and submission finished for the day. And presumably Cilmi then liberates the rest of her prisoners, including the boy in the box.

    I like the clip; but I'm also looking forward to the arrival of a more pervasive, profound gender equality. Only then, when we're finally all liberated from the metaphorical box of inequality, will men and women be free to put each other in literal boxes, regardless of gender. Playfully, of course.
    Helen Garner's comment is wrong, both logically and factually. Female-on-male violence has existed since Humans first evolved from their hominid ancestors. Its prevalance may or may not be as common as male-on-female violence, but that's irrelevant to the subject. The point is, the history of violence isn't one-sided. There have always been violent, murderous women around who have preyed upon men, women and children. Repressing their actions and focusing on male-on-female violence is prejudicial, sexist and unethical.

    The vast majority of men are respectful beings who would never raise a hand to a woman. A lot of them will passively endure a woman's attack without trying to defend themselves. By forcing the aforementioned men to watch women kick other men in the groin, hit them over the head with spanners, gag them and hang them upside down, society is forcing innocent men to pay for the sins of a small minority of men. Attacking innocent men for the actions of a small minority is bigoted and offensive.

    Funnily enough, Garner's logic can be used against her to legitimise the marginalisation of vulval abuse. One could argue that the media ought to mock vulval abuse and violent vulvectomies because neither of them have ever been as common as testicular abuse and violent penectomies/castration.

    In response to Garner's comment, I'm going to make a series of videos about vulval abuse, vulvectomies and other misogynistic themes. The start of each video will show Garner's comment, followed by a short brief about the prevalence of testicular abuse and violence penectomies/castration. I'll upload the videos to YouTube so the entire world can see them. If Garner complains about them, then I'll call her a "pathetic whinge bag".

    Here is a photo of Helen Garner.

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    Re: Sexist Italian-Australian singer glorified by dumb journalist and feminazi

    Pig ignorant scribblers.

    Who is this Sacha Molitorisz. Another pampered wossname?

    And where did she/he/it lift that comment from Helen Garner? With her track record for exposing the dark and nasty and selfish side of feminism, I suspect it has been taken from a different context.

    The Cilmi girl is still a child. While this is no defense in itself, what with so many princesses around, nevertheless she would have had little input into the video. These are made by 'sophisticated' record production companies and 'new' singers do as they are friggin' told.

    It is child abuse akin to getting Hitler Youth to chant hatred at a rally.
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    Re: Sexist Italian-Australian singer glorified by dumb journalist and feminazi

    One study showed that US men contact the authorities 0.9% of the time when a victim of physical, real domestic violence. And actual DV is 50/50 genderwise.

    Men realize that noone will help. That some will laugh at or think lesser of them.

    No matter what wrong you experienced the harm of it...this will stay with you...why make it even more upsetting by asking others for help and then getting smirked at or have no investigation take place? That would make a bad situation even worse. My son told authorities about abuse incidents involving his Mom. After they kept on not helping him or trying to blame it on me he decided not to call anymore. Since that is like getting abused again, in a different way. After it happens a time or two you decide not to keep banging your head against the wall trying to get someone to help you if a female went berserk. Since asking for help will just upset you further.

    In my case I ran into that and also had various lawyers tell me NOT to call the Police as I would wind up arrested and not her.
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