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    Local Government and Naked People

    This article, shows how the local government in Brighton(UK), have been campaigning against a local lap-dancing club where the dancers appear "totally naked".

    A controversial lap dancing club featuring totally naked dancers has been granted a licence by magistrates, overturning an earlier rejection by local Councillors. Brighton & Hove City Council had rejected an application to open the fully naked club at the old ABC Cinema in East Street. The firm still needs to obtain planning permission.

    Police, city Councillors and local residents have all condemned the ruling. Councillor Jeane Lepper, Chair of the council's Licensing Committee which turned down the licence, said: "we considered the case very carefully. I feel very sorry for the people who live nearby."

    Now, contrast this to a campaign I was involved in a couple of years back.

    A local library (run by the city council, and hence local government) was constantly displaying leaflets advertising shows like "The Dreamboys", "The Full Monty" stage show, and "Puppetry of the Penis". These sows involve men who are "totally naked" also. In "Puppetry of the Penis", a large screen shows close ups of the artist on stage, who is "totally naked", as he makes "amusing" shapes out of his exposed genitals for the audience.

    I wrote to a number of councillors, after the library refused to ban the leaflets (they still display them to this day!!!) and no councillor (out of 20 or so) wanted anything to do with it. "People have a right to be entertained" was more or less the reply I received from them all.

    So not only do my local government fail to criticise male strip shows and the like, they are even happy to PROMOTE them on their premises.

    They also pride themselves on their "equal opportunities" committment.

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    Re: Local Government and Naked People

    That's because it's the typical - no, expected - double standards.

    Oh, I also added some tags to your thread on your behalf
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    Re: Local Government and Naked People

    Cheers, Marx.


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