I was looking for information about the International Marriage Broker Act, and I found this:

It is quite simple, some people are willing to lie to get into the Promised Land, (America). I was alarmed to find out how easy it was to find on the internet the “going price” offered by foreign criminals to American Citizens to facilitate phony marriages with foreign women that wish to gain access to America. Korea - $3000.00, Cuba - $10,000.00, Federated Soviet Union - $25,000.00, and the list goes on. Quite simply deceiving an unsuspecting American Citizen looking for a life mate through marriage fraud is considerably cheaper. In fact it can be down right profitable.

A problem exists in identifying and then deporting persons who perpetuate immigration fraud in this fashion. Cases have been found where the American Citizen have used key logging software on the home PC and telephone records to illustrate the Green Card Scammer’s intent to bring over their ex spouse once they obtained a green card. Others don’t wait that long and leave the unsuspecting American fiancées with in days of their arrival here in the United States. What complicates matters more, female perpetrators of immigration fraud are highly familiar with U.S. Domestic violence laws and understand a false claim of abuse not only insures free legal assistance but also invokes new federal laws prohibiting their removal from the United States

Once the false allegations are made by persons committing immigration fraud, local police departments are mandated by law to file reports even if no physical evidence of abuse is present. Immigration laws only rely on the filling of the report not the outcome of any legal proceedings generated by the reported abuse. Immigration laws have been modified recently that also prohibit the American Citizen from even attending any proceedings, or even from submitting evidence that proves the immigration fraud.