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    Re: In a first, women surpass men in advanced degrees

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    Re: In a first, women surpass men in advanced degrees

    The new World order is trying to "Socially Condition" Men to be stay at home dads and not go to college. Ultimately all social policies based on simplistic Utopian ideologies fail, as the human condition can not be summed up by 3 or 4 statements about "fairness" and "gender equality". Unfortunately it will take a generation for all to realise this.

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    Re: In a first, women surpass men in advanced degrees

    Quote Quote from nickb275 View Post
    L.C will probably chime in as usual in this type of rant, being a women she tends to be very defensive about this sort of thing. It's not about you L.C. Don't feel concerned unless the hat fits.
    Nah, I'll agree that many women pointlessly waste class time and ultimately hurt those who want to do good things. I happen to have wanted to be a psychologist ever since I was a little tiny Lady Catherine. I happen to like using my education and knowledge to help people and I wanted to know a lot about the human mind.

    I will even accept that many degree programs are useless wastes of time and that Master Degrees are pretty much worthless(I should know, I was originally going to go for a Master's degree in psych, but I was advised to go for the PhD).
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    Then they took away the Earth and gave us hell -- Corporate Avenger - The Bible is Bullshit


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