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    Angry Female Online Predator Lead to Boy's Suicide. Natalia Burgess still NOT Charged by Police NZ

    Watch the documentary here..

    Web of deceit: The Natalia Burgess interview
    SUN, 29 MAY 2011 7:30P.M.

    Meet the dangerous fantasist who tricked teenage boys into falling in love.
    Her victims explain how they were fooled and the woman herself describes how she did it.

    Reporter Paula Penfold met Facebook stalker Natalia Burgess for an intriguing insight into a complex world of deceit.

    Burgess explains the personalities she created, the voices she put on and the tricks she used. Her victims tell a sadder story – a story of broken hearts and, in some cases, broken lives.

    Given the overwhelming evidence and personal confessions she still hasn't been charged by police in New Zealand!
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    Equal results based on unequal treatment amounts to no kind of equality at all. ~

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    Re: Female Online Predator Lead to Boy's Suicide. Natalia Burgess still NOT Charged by Police NZ

    What a disgusting excuse of a human being. As for the police, even more disgusting to let these kind of predators walk aroud to bask in the glory of their 'fond memories'. A man would not remain uncaught like this...

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    Re: Female Online Predator Lead to Boy's Suicide. Natalia Burgess still NOT Charged by Police NZ

    I'm just watching it now - that Natalie Burgess is a disgusting excuse for a human, manipulating those women's photos - making them look bad - and her attitude towards the men she tricked is beyond disgusting... one man's life lost and she blames him?
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
    --Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.--

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    Re: Female Online Predator Lead to Boy's Suicide. Natalia Burgess still NOT Charged by Police NZ

    That's just sick!

    If I was the boy's father I would put that sick cunt down and why not I mean if I had a child and some one made them comit sucide I'd hunt them down and kill them I mean what the hell there are a few things that people just don't do and they are mess with a man's lady or mess with a man's kids.
    When the femanazis tell me it's their way or the highway I tell them to fuck off and die, because at lest the highway leads to new and intresting places, their ways is a dead end.


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