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    by Published on 30th-March-2010 04:57 AM
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    What is 'misandry' and what is 'anti-misandry'?
    Misandry is the hatred of males as a sex, as opposed to misogyny, the hatred of women; or misanthropy, hatred of the human species. Misandry comes from misos (Greek μῖσος, "hatred" + andr-ia (Greek anér-andros, "man". Those holding misandric beliefs can be of either sex. Thus it holds to common sense that Anti Misandry is to work toward removing misandry from our culture.

    Can you give me some demonstrations of misandry?
    Sure. Have a look at the second-wave feminist view of men for an example. Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist who shot Andy Warhol in 1968, provides a famous example of misandry in her self-published SCUM Manifesto. In case you're wondering, SCUM is an acronym for 'Society for Cutting Up Men', practically a call for gendercide, the culling of men. Quite literally, Solanas expressed her desire to "institute complete automation and destroy the male sex."

    Wow, this is pretty bad stuff - what can I do about misandry?
    For one thing, you can stop accepting it as a 'way of life'. Once upon a time, respect was a two-way street. These days it is more a one-way street where men are demanded to be respectful to women (even those who do not earn, or even try to earn it) while simultaneously disrespect of men is expected, condoned, perpetuated and even taught. You can make a difference by refusing to live this way.

    Did you just say misandry is 'taught'?
    Yes, that's right! The next time you switch on the television, count how many programmes have the token 'stupid boyfriend' or 'abusive husband' or 'paedophilic father' figure. Switch over to a children's channel / time window and watch how many cartoons or programmes reflect 'silly daddy' characters or 'bullying big brother'. Don't forget, of course, nearly all the women in these same programmes will be smart, sexy, sassy and full of beans, capable of juggling a career lifestyle with children, a husband and a social circle - let's not forget that she's undoubtedly a wonderful cook and always remembers everybody's birthdays. If these images are being constantly spread out over our airwaves, what does that tell our children who are growing up watching & learning daily, hourly, that men are just so stupid, abusive and ... well, useless?
    definition of feminism
    So is it more feminism's fault, or the media's fault?
    A lot of both, but neither would be able to indoctrinate our youth without the support of.... the government.

    Ahh - yes. The government. Tell me about their involvement?
    Well, they positively support and enforce feminist programmes of anti-male bias.

    Uh? Think 'Violence Against Women Act' - notice something wrong in that? Notice how violence against men or children is not mentioned? VAWA implies, through it's title alone, that men are the primary perpetrators of violence - despite 30 years of research and in excess of 130 scientific studies proving that intimate partner violence is roughly mutual. Time and time again, the results say the same "men and women are equally violent towards one another". And yet, when feminists demand preferential treatment or additional 'rights', the government promptly delivers, like a good boy.
    Published on 23rd-May-2016 12:00 AM
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    Reproduced with kind permission of the National Parents Organization

    German, European Courts Endorse Alienation Of Dad

    In our imperfectly organized society, there is no provision as yet for the young woman who claims the privileges of marriage without assuming its obligations.
    - Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth (1905)

    Speaking tongue in cheek as she was, Wharton would doubtless be appalled to find today’s society so much more perfectly organized than her own. This story is but one of many to make the point (Marilyn Stowe Blog, 5/13/16).

    The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the years-long parental alienation of a father by a mother should be endorsed by doing precisely what the mother wanted all along – the complete removal of their daughter’s father from her life. Adept observer of her social milieu that she was, Edith Wharton would note that the mother has the child usually afforded by marriage and the man’s money, usually afforded by marriage, without the inconvenience of sharing any of it with him. Such, apparently, is progress.

    The case reported on is Buchleither vs. Germany [no. 20106/13, ruled 28 April 2016]. The parents never ...
    by Published on 20th-May-2016 04:00 PM
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    Just not anywhere in the western world:

    Forty two year old bus driver Ijaz sits on his bus and nonchalantly tells reporter Paul Stanson, about how many children he has raped. He tells of one particularly horrific rape of a child, in which many passengers “had sex” with the child, and he joined in.

    To Ijaz, the rape of a child is no big deal. It is just a normal part of life.

    I went to listen to a talk on campus this morning hosted by a courageous young woman. Asma Zehri from Pakistan is touring colleges and giving talks about the culture of child-rape in her country. Asma works with street children in Lahore and has seen many of her charges fall victim to this culture of child-rape.

    You would be forgiven for assuming that the victims of these rapes are girls, Asma explained, but you would be wrong. Despite the constant and valuable highlighting of the rape and abuse of girls in Pakistan, the overwhelming majority of the victims are boys, often as young as six years old. Most girls are kept at home by their parents and chaperoned almost everywhere. There are also enormous networks of international charities and schools to keep them off the streets and safe. The majority of boys have no such protections. There are no international agencies for them, little media coverage of their plight and no international appetite ...
    by Published on 20th-May-2016 12:09 PM
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    Article Preview

    In April 2016, Queen's University in Canada published a report that the intact penis is no more sensitive than one having been (to use original World Health Organisation (WHO) terminology) genitally mutilated: 'circumcised' to those who wish to support the practice.

    The Queen's University conclusion is astonishing to me. As a man who has been circumcised as an adult, I can distinctly and clearly verify that there is a large reduction in sensual pleasure when the foreskin is removed. The pleasurable sensitivity continues to reduce over a period of weeks until the permanently exposed head has built up a 'useful' resistance to being sensitive.

    (For a woman, just imagine if your clitoris was always exposed and touching against your underwear: the initial stimulation might be fun if you have masochisitic tendencies but you can surely see that your body would have to adjust - one way or another - to reduce the constant sensitivity.)

    Unsurprising, then, ...
    Published on 3rd-May-2016 01:00 PM
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    Article Preview

    William Collins provides a brief on some legislation originating in Europe. Currently implemented in over 20 countries and set to be part of over 40 country's laws.

    Enjoy. (You won’t).

    A brief description of the bureaucratic structure of the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe (CoE) is available as a seperate post.

    The Istanbul Convention.

    The Istanbul Convention is essentially a further deepening of 'Violence Against Women' (VAWG) policies. It does not explicitly make anti-feminism illegal (for that, see the second part of this article) but it does make many aspects of feminism obligatory in law. It is a collection of guidelines complete with taxpayer-funded compliance inspectors which embodies radical feminist ideals, and will infringe on, if not remove entirely, many of the individual human rights of male European citizens. Bluntly put, it is anti-male fascism.

    The Istanbul Convention is a product of the Council of Europe ('CoE' – not the same as the EU). Council of Europe “Conventions”, as they call their proclamations, do not become law in member States unless and until they are ratified by the individual Nation State in question. As of March 2016, the Istanbul Convention has been ratified by 21 of the 47 CoE member states.

    The UK has not ratified the Istanbul Convention – yet. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission explicitly lamented this fact in their December 2015 “Is Britain Fairer” report. But it looks like we are close to ratifying it, as the following Parliamentary answer implies. ...
    by Published on 26th-April-2016 12:57 AM

    Forced Real Injustice in The Name Imaginary Social Justice
    By, Tomás Allende Conte

    When I started writing, I was a nobody, just a guy from Chile with shit to express, I’m not the most articulate writer nor the most elegant, but I seem to get my points across. I always start my pieces on a personal note (As I am metaphysically doing now) and given the topic of my articles, I tend to write something about my experience as a gay man. This is mostly a way to give some structure to the article in a way I can relate back if needed, but it’s also a trick. You see, most people will feel pity for a poor 3rd world spic faggot being ‘’oppressed’’ by the religious right. I can get that sympathy, rather easily, call it a privilege if you may. So when it comes to talking about straight men and the issues they are facing, I imagine the hypothetical reader, not an MRA, red piller or anti-feminist, just the average person that has been indoctrinated (as I was) to feel no empathy for straight white males, and by showing my personal hardships as a parallel to the hardships of men in general in today’s society, I hoped I would be able to humanize a group of people that we have been taught are somewhat less than human.

    I was extremely naive. While ...
    by Published on 24th-April-2016 08:53 PM

    Not only is the Ontario legal system actively fighting against video recording, they are breaking laws to prevent audio recording being made by lawyers, parties acting in person, journalists to supplement their notes pursuant to S 136.2b of the Courts of Justice Act.
    Closed courts are corrupt courts of injustice reducing the the public's faith in the legal system.

    https://youtu.be/sfNMOyZt4h4 ...

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