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    by Published on 30th-March-2010 04:57 AM
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    What is 'misandry' and what is 'anti-misandry'?
    Misandry is the hatred of males as a sex, as opposed to misogyny, the hatred of women; or misanthropy, hatred of the human species. Misandry comes from misos (Greek μῖσος, "hatred" + andr-ia (Greek anér-andros, "man&quot. Those holding misandric beliefs can be of either sex. Thus it holds to common sense that Anti Misandry is to work toward removing misandry from our culture.

    Can you give me some demonstrations of misandry?
    Sure. Have a look at the second-wave feminist view of men for an example. Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist who shot Andy Warhol in 1968, provides a famous example of misandry in her self-published SCUM Manifesto. In case you're wondering, SCUM is an acronym for 'Society for Cutting Up Men', practically a call for gendercide, the culling of men. Quite literally, Solanas expressed her desire to "institute complete automation and destroy the male sex."

    Wow, this is pretty bad stuff - what can I do about misandry? For one thing, you can stop accepting it as a 'way of life'. Once upon a time, respect was a two-way street. These days it is more a one-way street where men are demanded to be respectful to women (even those who do not earn, or even try to earn it) while simultaneously disrespect of men is expected, condoned, perpetuated and even taught. You can make a difference by refusing to live this way.

    Did you just say misandry is 'taught'? Yes, that's right! The next time you switch on the television, count how many programmes have the token 'stupid boyfriend' or 'abusive husband' or 'paedophilic father' figure. Switch over to a children's channel / time window and watch how many cartoons or programmes reflect 'silly daddy' characters or 'bullying big brother'. Don't forget, of course, nearly all the women in these same programmes will be smart, sexy, sassy and full of beans, capable of juggling a career lifestyle with children, a husband and a social circle - let's not forget that she's undoubtedly a wonderful cook and always remembers everybody's birthdays. If these images are being constantly spread out over our airwaves, what does that tell our children who are growing up watching & learning daily, hourly, that men are just so stupid, abusive and ... well, useless?
    definition of feminism
    So is it more feminism's fault, or the media's fault?
    A lot of both, but neither would be able to indoctrinate our youth without the support of.... the government.

    Ahh - yes. The government. Tell me about their involvement?
    Well, they positively support and enforce feminist programmes of anti-male bias.

    Uh? Think 'Violence Against Women Act' - notice something wrong in that? Notice how violence against men or children is not mentioned? VAWA implies, through it's title alone, that men are the primary perpetrators of violence - despite 30 years of research and in excess of 130 scientific studies proving that intimate partner violence is roughly mutual. Time and time again, the results say the same "men and women are equally violent towards one another". And yet, when feminists demand preferential treatment or additional 'rights', the government promptly delivers, like a good boy.
    by Published on 21st-June-2015 03:20 PM

    I just had a long chat with my dad on the phone. I wanted to pop in here and wish all you guys on AM who are fathers, a happy father’s day too. I hope you get to spend the day with your kids, and that those of you who are prevented from doing so, will at least get to speak with them. I certainly wish I could spend the day with my dad, and I am sure that many sons and daughters all over the world feel the same way.

    One question I always ask myself is - don’t feminists have fathers too? Apparently not: Some feminists are trying to persuade people to boycott Fathers Day


    But other feminists have taken a more “He For She” approach. They want to –

    “celebrate men as advocates for women!”

    I bet you guys really appreciate that and I’m sure Emma Watson would be proud.

    This Father's Day, Celebrate Men as Advocates for Women by Natasha Lamoreux

    But here is a little advice for men from “NOMAS” the “national organisation for men against sexism.”

    “How can a man be a good father? Not by fighting for ...
    by Published on 21st-June-2015 02:42 PM

    I buried my father, Bill Perrins about 10 years ago to cancer.

    It's hideous what cancer does to a body, Bill didn't let on about its ugly, permanent effects. A piece here, a piece there, the cancer robbing him of time with his loved ones. Even with the operations/treatments leaving him with less and less of his body he kept those of us around the bedside laughing. We all knew the score, that which could be done had been done.

    He was a general foreman at a local steel mill, maverick-ed his way up from the factory floor. He did well there, was loyal to the company and they were loyal to him, to the end. There was no question about his medical benefits when the cancer came.

    He'd lead as decent life as possible after the divorce from my mother and the loss of his first born, Anthony, to suicide. Bi-weekly visits, half his paycheques, the house, he got the car and his pension from the steel mill.

    He'd experienced the wrath of my mother and the family courts. To say it was epic and ongoing till his death would be an understatement. The constant hate from my mother about my dad was relentless.

    It was in a word, cancerous.

    It killed a relationship between my little brother and my father, it tried with me as well. Its amazing the difference 2 ...
    by Published on 20th-June-2015 07:17 PM

    CAFE Press Release;

    June 20, 2015
    The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), a national men’s issues educational charity, will walk in today’s York Region Gay Pride Parade as part of York Pride Fest 2015. CAFE is a human rights and gender equality organization. It mandate, especially with respect to same-sex families and gay men’s health, overlaps with that of the LGBT community.

    “We are so excited to join today’s celebration of acceptance, inclusion and gay rights,” said CAFE Executive Director Justin Trottier. “This is an ideal time to announce that this summer our Canadian Centre for Men and Families will launch a new fathering program, with special resources and support for gay fathers and their families.”

    CAFE has been a leading advocate for inclusive public policies to support all victims of violence. Those often neglected include victims of domestic violence in same-sex relationships and male victims of female perpetrated violence.

    CAFE operates the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, an open and inclusive men’s health and social support agency in downtown Toronto just outside the Toronto Gay Village at 152 Carlton St.
    by Published on 15th-June-2015 06:38 PM  Number of Views: 303 

    From: Dannyboy
    To: The Antimisandry Community and the MRM

    We are currently having Anitmisandry's first fundraiser since Antimisandry changed hands.

    The amount I believe we need to raise in order to be a productive advocacy organization for the next 6 months is $3,500.00. Frankly, this is not a large amount to run a site this size and fund activism for 6 months.

    When I first took over Antimisandry the site needed maintenance. For one, the software needs to be upgraded - not should be upgraded, but needs to be. Without this the site won't attract new readers or traffic. No new readers/traffic means we slowly slip away into oblivion. I cannot fund this myself. I should be attending this Thursday's Canadian Association for Equality talk about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Boys and Men by Jen Mt. Pleasant. This too will cost money. I missed some major opportunities at the recent Hamilton Media Advisory Council's by not having cards to hand out to interested reporters. I've been asked to attend some family court matters a father is going through in Brantford Ontario on June 24. I'm not sure I'll be able to attend. Its an important case it deals with a dirty lawyer operating within that family court system. It also involves at least 1 bigoted and or prejudicial Children's Aid Worker who ignored a mother's abuse of the system and ...
    by Published on 15th-June-2015 03:26 AM
    Article Preview

    Originally published at CAFE

    Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Men and Boys


    • Start Date:2015-06-18
    • End Date:2015-06-18
    • Start Time:19:00
    • End Time:21:00
    • Location:Toronto


    • Organized by:U of T Men's Issues Awareness Society
    • Mobile:647-479-9611
    • Email:info@equalitycanada.com
    • Website:www.equalitycanada.com
    • Address:152 Carlton St, Unit 201

    “Aboriginal men are murdered extremely often, relative to all other groups… And nobody really cares”
    – Dr. Adam Jones, UBC Political Science Prof Why must our discourse on Aboriginal violence exclude anyone?
    Men’s Issues Awareness at U of T presents CAFE Advisory Fellow Jen Mt. Pleasant. Jen studied violence against Indigenous women, then launched a database of disappeared and murdered Indigenous males. She is a member of the Tuscarora Nation and a Masters student at Wilfrid Laurier University.Join us Thurs June ...
    by Published on 28th-May-2015 04:16 PM

    Originally published at A Voice for Men

    Well hear we are, back at the beginning of the debate. Do we want equal opportunities for all or do we want equal outcomes for all?

    The U.N. released a report that said the latter is what the world should strive for. I know this sounds like communism… Well it is communism, but apparently its for a good cause. It’s for the benefit of women. It’s not fair that they would be expected to perform the same as men. They often decide to stay home and raise children, and why should that affect their bottom line? Why in the world would anyones decisions have to change the outcome or solvency of someones lifestyle.

    You think maybe I’m exaggerating? Nope. Here’s another quote.

    “We must go beyond creating equal opportunities to ensure equal
    outcomes,” the report says. “‘Different treatment’ may be required to achieve real equality in practice.” This report, called Progress of the World’s Women 2015–2016,

    I wonder how far this should go? Should we ensure that the decision to not go to College or University has no affect on a persons life outcome. It’s really not fair to stop someone from
    becoming a programmer ...

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