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    Re: Is there such a thing as a woman who can make decisions?

    Quote Quote from Marx View Post
    I totally agree. So you can fully understand why we take offence at feminist logic when they continually portray men as incompetent buffoons compared to women... As I said, AM mirrors feminism in many ways, and they (feminists) hate that fact...
    I've frequently made use of the mirroring tactic to show people how outrageous a claim is. It works very well and the thickheaded feminists amongst them do indeed really hate it when their bubble bursts.

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    Re: Is there such a thing as a woman who can make decisions?

    Quote Quote from Incognito View Post
    " all need men to help them do even the most minor of things.."

    What an ignorant statement.
    They were a serious of questions, not a statement...........
    "There are lies, damned lies, and there are feministic statistics". Myself
    "Behind every bitch, is a FEMINIST who made her that way....". Myself

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    Re: Is there such a thing as a woman who can make decisions?

    There's way too many capable women to make an assumption women need anyone. The down turn is that many men don't need anyone either. Older feminists celebrate this as men and women choosing love for marriage/relationships rather than sex (1960)or babies (1980) while religious groups see it as a family crisis.
    Ignorance is the Oppressor, Vigilance the Liberator.


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