Open Question: What are your thoughts on this essay about how feminism leads to the collapse of societies?

From Yahoo Answers I'm doing research from more reliable sources on this subject. The essay seems accurate, although I have been unable to find reliable historical evidence that supports or rejects it. Here are some interesting studies I've found that relate directly or indirectly to this: This study documents how men and women differ in their emotional responses. It shows that although men and women report emotions at the same frequency, women report negative feelings significantly more often than men. Women tend to report more feelings of anxiety, anger, and sadness. Men report more feelings of calmness and happiness. But these results become insignificant when you take race and social status into consideration, which shows that in neutral situations, men are more capable of keeping emotional balance, while women are all over the spectrum. It also shows that in difficult situations and social statuses, men and women report emotion similarly. With this evidence, it seems logical that as women gain power, societies are not managed as well. Logic and problem-solving abilities are supported by a calm disposition and controlled emotion, which is likely a better mental state to manage a society with. This study documents the differences between men and women in the field of problem-solving in mathematics, regarding the threat of social stereotypes (such as that men are better at math than women). It shows that, although women perform equally with men when the pressure from the stereotype is removed, men consistently display the ability to perform better than women in the tests, although they did not always do so. This isn't a very significant result, but it may show that the male brain is more capable of logical problem-solving. This essay mentions that "males tended to be more flexible than females in applying solution strategies," which means that males are more capable of solving unfamiliar problems. It also mentions that men have significantly more proficient spatial abilities and "quantitative abilities or mathematical abilities." Women are better at communication-related things, though. “Spatial abilities generally refer to skill in representing, transforming, generating and recalling symbolic, nonlinguistic information” (Linn and Petersen, 1985, p.1482). “Spatial skills involve the ability to think and reason using mental pictures rather than words” (Nuttall, Casey, and Pezaris, 2005, p.122). They are believed as one important component of mathematical thought during mathematical problem solving (Battista, 1990; Casey, 2003; Halpern, 2000). "Studies that reported gender differences in mathematical abilities favouring males had generally consistent conclusions. " "Hyde et al. (1990) concluded that there were no gender differences on computation tasks but differences favouring males emerged on problem-solving tests in high school and college. They also reported that the more complex the task was, the greater the likelihood that better performance would be found in males." Also, based purely on personal experience, I feel that women are less logical and more emotional people, and don't seem as capable of handling large responsibilities. The studies I'm reading suggest that men are capable of managing a society more efficiently than women. Now, with women beginning to dominate the workforce, is the US on its way to collapse? Random thoughts or criticisms about my summaries are welcome. Rage is not welcome. @Game Over03 - I am researching that. I haven't yet found anything to prove or disprove what the essay says.