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    Open Question: What do you think-has the web (and GWS) become a sexists' paradise? Wh

    Open Question: What do you think-has the web (and GWS) become a sexists' paradise? Why or why not?

    From Yahoo Answers
    Someone asked why there's scads of questions in GWS that sound like they don't think much of feminists, feminism, women, girls and females in general. So I found this article titled "How the web became a sexists' paradise" Does the article match your experience here in GWS and/or other forums that include discussions of gender studies? What's your beautiful story or horror story of trying to discuss gender studies on the web? FYI: What do forums do that make sure sexists don't rule?: "Dealing with hate speech, flaming, and trolls":,_and_trolls

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    Re: Open Question: What do you think-has the web (and GWS) become a sexists' paradise

    The Internet has become a paradise for anyone who wanted to be a complete dick since it's anonymous in the loose sense.

    It's a place where there is still an iota of free speech left so yes people will go a bit mad with it. This used to happen a lot even before the internet but in real life.

    It's the perfect place for spreading one's ideology to a wide audience and gathering a lot of followers. You can simply block out the haters.

    Not many people really know what sexism is, surprisingly enough. When I ask I often get a response along the lines of:
    When someone says something about gender you don't agree with.
    So when people say the internet is a heaven for sexists; is that an accurate statement?
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