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    Open Question: HOW HAS Radical FEMINISM Affected You PERSONALLY?

    Open Question: HOW HAS Radical FEMINISM Affected You PERSONALLY?

    From Yahoo Answers
    Radical feminism makes people miserable in different ways. For some men, it's in the loss of their assets due to injustice in the legal system. For many women, it's the deprivation of time with their families. It affects each of us in different ways. One way it has affected many is by its degradation of normal television. only actual pertinent part to this question in the clip above is from 0:00 to 0:22. It provides a succinct synopsis that contains many themes and production styles that made Star Trek salient. While recently watching parts of the newest Star Trek show 'Enterprise' which ran from 2001 to 2005, I came across many fans who feel it was not worth the paper its scripts were printed on. The comments against it ranged from admonishing to vitriolic.Radical feminism has truly destroyed the Star Trek universe. It was one of the best television shows in the history of mankind and now its message to posterity lies broken - mutilated beyond recognition. It is with great chagrin that I present the above clip to you. Not because of what we see in it, but because we will most likely never see it again.Thoughts?

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    Re: Open Question: HOW HAS Radical FEMINISM Affected You PERSONALLY?

    Feminism to me is a gruesome reminder of how greedy and depraved women can become. I hope Karl Marx is roasting in hell for creating such a cancer.

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    Re: Open Question: HOW HAS Radical FEMINISM Affected You PERSONALLY?

    Besides financially and not being able to see the son I raised pre-divorce...there are the emotions. I have PTSD from the assaults and how I was treated in Family Court. I'll wake up from a nightmare where I or my son got attacked. Another is a courtroom dream where I cannot get anyone to help. I've had these dreams for many years now...they seem to be permanent. Helping others avoid some of what I endured and still face seems to help me so I do as much of that as I can.
    Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA, Earth, Milky Way, Universe, Creation

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    Re: Open Question: HOW HAS Radical FEMINISM Affected You PERSONALLY?

    In a nutshell: it hasn't, in a quantifiable-sort-of-a-way. I'm proud to say that I've come to be aware of such issues, without having had bad experiences happen to me. Having said that, it depends how we are to look at things. It affects me in that I am bombarded with misandry via the media and my every day life, and in as much as this bothers me, to think that gender-relationships are becoming so strained.

    I tend to live a boring life, without many significant experiences at all; I just sit back quietly, look at the way the world is going, bury my head in my hands and despair.

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    Re: Open Question: HOW HAS Radical FEMINISM Affected You PERSONALLY?

    wimmin are nothing like they appear to be physically;

    almost diametrically opposed in fact

    I have a learned attitude toward most wimmin - hard learned over the years of my life

    as time passed each one of my warm fuzzy illusions about the "fair sex" has vanished

    now I see them as




    whistle blowers

    and ingrates supreme

    I act upon these presuppositions when dealing with wimmin nowdays and this attitude have stood me in good stead

    until I learned wimmin's main traits i was continually a target of their spite and malice ( what fool would want to befriend a crocodile but presents as the blue Fairy)

    the trick is to present a neutral front to wimmin and politely mosey off at the nearest opportunity

    notice if you linger in their company presently wimmin will set a task for you or make some sort of imposition

    ( they rely on the kindness of strangers - anon)


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