Open Question: Is the feminist attempt to enforce title IX to science and math completely hypocritical and dsicriminatory? Fe?

From Yahoo Answers
Feminists always complain that women in colleges arent equally represented in math and sciences. so, feminists are calling for a gender quota to force colleges to make females in math and science proportionally equal as according to title IXNow, what they dont seem to notice (or mention) is that nationally, 58% of undergrad degrees and 61% of masters degrees are earned by if they really care about true equality, why not instead of a quota system for math and science, having a quota system for EVERYTHING?why do they only want a gender quota in the one area where males are the majority? why dont they call for equal representation in english classes, social studies classes, and even (lol) womens studies classes?let me explain the danger of having title IX apply to academics. you'll have the same discrimination of men as occurs in sports.say a college is 58% female. a science class has 100 seats. after every signs up, there are 55 female students and 45 male problem, right?actually, according to feminists and title IX, females are being discriminated against here.see, since 58% of the school is female, at least 58% of students in the science class must be female. so in order to the make the ratio equal, they have to either add more female students, or kick out male what if the class is already full, or no more females apply?then 4 male students will be forced to drop out of the class. there will be 4 empty desks, and those male students wont be allowed to attend, because according to title IX, their attendance would be discrimination against women.make sense?didnt think so. if we dont fight back against feminism, it will destroy our society be destroying our abilities to compete globally in math and science