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    Open Question: Is Dr Phil a feminist?

    Open Question: Is Dr Phil a feminist?

    From Yahoo Answers
    Who is he? I keep hearing about this guy in connection with feminism. Neo - apparently so ........ I know he's some kind of talk show host, that's about it If he isn't a feminist, why is he brought up so often in connection with feminism?

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    Re: Open Question: Is Dr Phil a feminist?

    Dr. Phil is a fox eunuch.

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    Re: Open Question: Is Dr Phil a feminist?

    I think dr.phil is absolutely a feminist. He's constantly pointing out the de-sensitized issues of men, and he's always trying to end that cliche victim bullsh*t always associated with women. i think he empowers. every time i come across his show anyway- I usually hear how unbiased he is and stuff. so yeah <3


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