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    Oh, yes! Finally someone tells it like it is

    Quote Quote from [url=
    Laura Roberts @ (click for the whole article)[/url]]A Wimbledon spokesman said yesterday the club would not be issuing a new response to Ms Jowell's comments. Mr Phillips has said in the past that because top men rarely play in Grand Slam doubles events, they earn less overall than women. In addition, men compete over five sets while the women play the best of three.

    A former Wimbledon champion, Pat Cash, defended the different prize monies and said: "If you are talking about a work ratio, men should be paid more. If you ask people to work double the hours, is it fair for them to get paid more? That is the issue at hand and men do play five sets to women's three."

    Notice the comments below also. Good to see people seeing through Teh shite. Here's just one of the gems:

    Quote Quote from A. Peterson
    The HYpocricy of the Goverment equals discrimination!

    Equal Pay for Equal work has been the slogan for many years. By this standard Women tennis palyers are overpaid already at all major tennis events, including Wimbeldon. For 60% of the amount of work that men do, they get paid more than 80%. If anything, their pay and prize money should be reduced by 20%. Equality means just that, Equal Pay for Equal work! What Tessa Jowel and her misandrist colleagues want is: Superior Pay for Inferior work! This is WRONG!
    S E R V I C E W I T H A S M I L E

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    Good post lg.

    I wonder who's waking up quicker, women or men? Seems to be mostly women - or maybe it's just that they're holding the mike.
    Whatever I say, write, think, do or even imagine.... some woman somewhere made me do it.
    It's her responsibility and not mine.


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