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    Now Ed Miliband gets tough with onslaught against 'evil' of benefits scroungers

    I became incensed at this story which attributes many negative connotations, where, those who have the least should be subject to this modern-day witch-hunt, rather than those who have the most.

    Now Ed Miliband gets tough with onslaught against 'evil' of benefits scroungers | Mail Online
    Now Ed Miliband gets tough with onslaught against 'evil' of benefits scroungers

    Beleaguered Ed Miliband is to make a bold bid to boost his flagging ratings by condemning the ‘evil’ of scroungers who refuse to work.

    The Labour leader wants to shrug off his party’s ‘soft on spongers’ image with a major U-turn on his stance on the benefits system.

    He will admit Labour blundered by not doing enough to combat the work-shy.

    And he will say that people should get state handouts only if they have paid their taxes first.

    The move, certain to be denounced by Left-wingers, follows growing alarm in Labour’s high command at Mr Miliband’s poor performance.

    Mr Miliband’s somersault on benefits will be signalled in a speech later this month by Labour welfare spokesman Liam Byrne to mark the 70th anniversary of the Beveridge Report.

    The report was used by post-war Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee to lay the foundations of the modern welfare state – and helped earn him a hallowed place in Labour history.

    But Mr Byrne thinks Beveridge would ‘turn in his grave’ if he knew how billions of pounds of benefits fall into the hands of lifelong spongers.
    I saw this opportunistic piece very early on.

    I responded thus: It's an easy war to wage against those who have the least to court the gullible general public. Contrast that with a multi-trillion pound Ponzi scheme evident within the City of London banking system to which the political establishment turns a blind eye to. Let's hear a new moral harkening which bellows legal responsibility for those elements who are oh so keen to cast the first stone, in order to dispel a long overdue judgement upon themselves. Those who crow moral imposition upon those who have the least can be found manipulating their weasel ways in whatever century you would care to inquire.

    In proportionate terms, successive governments, regardless of politics have sought to wage a convenient war against those who have the least in society, yet the banking system gets a free ride to rip us off to the sum of multiple trillions? Folks, don't get sidetracked about small money, when callosal sums are being swallowed up by the City of London and silly stories like this keep you diverted from where we should be directing our collective wrath. Don't let your greater moral conscience be sidelined by these 'diverting' stories. Question more, always.

    Surely MPs shouldn't pass down judgement when the parliamentary system has been the epicenter of the greatest tax-funded scrounging system (without oversight) for many decades?

    For now:
    I 'd ask Milliband to get tough with the banking scroungers which strip away trillions of tax-funded monies to which he and a cross-party consensus conform to. It's a smoke and mirror event, and behind the scenes before the hounds are released to hunt down a benefit scrounger for the bating press, many millions have been sifted away into greedy accounts. Does anyone truly believe the countries problems lies with beating upon some unemployed? It'll capitivate the less discerning only for so long.

    My persona on Daily Mail is 'Magnus Carta.' You'll recognize my style of writing!

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    Re: Now Ed Miliband gets tough with onslaught against 'evil' of benefits scroungers

    Excellent comment.
    You'll recognize my style of writing!


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    Re: Now Ed Miliband gets tough with onslaught against 'evil' of benefits scroungers

    Expense fiddlng MPs are in no position to lecture benefit scroungers. As for Ed M, being 'tough' on anyone is a laugh in itself.
    Hahaha, the best comment so far.
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
    --Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.--

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