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    Harriet Harman admits new legislation will discriminate against men

    Equality supremo Harman admits new law will lead to discrimination against men
    Companies bidding for work funded by taxpayers' money roughly 30 per cent of the private sector will also be expected to demonstrate they are committed to equality.
    In other words, if they don't 'demonstrate' by repeatedly employing women over men, they will not get the job. Some 'equality' eh.
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
    --Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.--

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    Re: Harriet Harman admits new legislation will discriminate against men

    "That'll teach the wicked Patriarchy. Serves them right. They should have given me the anatomically correct Barbie doll for Christmas when I was three", she said.
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    Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum
    Love the Sinner but not the Sin.
    (St. Augustine)

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, against Powers,
    against the Rulers of the Darkness of this world, against Spiritual Wickedness in high places.
    (and within ourselves)

    A Feminist is a human being who has lost her way and turned vicious. If you meet one on the road as you
    Go your Own Way, offer kindness but keep your sword drawn.

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    Re: Harriet Harman admits new legislation will discriminate against men

    GB is all but a communist state where the commissars will be al wimmin

    but instead of hammering the bourgeoise and yeoman farmers they hammers objective thinking white men
    the new age man in GB will be a sensitive sharing caring wimmin's cypher

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    Re: Harriet Harman admits new legislation will discriminate against men

    Road works, street sweeping and rubbish disposal are all jobs that are paid for with tax payers money, I have no idea how we can ever expect those jobs to be filled with half women/half men, since women don't want to do those jobs in the first place.
    It'll show that more men are employed by tax payers money than women, and she knows this, and that fact will then be used to benefit women in some way, paying less tax perhaps, or better yet, men paying more.


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