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    Re: Feminists vs "People of Color"

    There is nothing to buy, it is a fact. The definition of the word Gender is simply the social ideas that go along with sex.

    There is zero social component to sex. There is a big social component to gender which often varies between different cultures.

    Feminists believe that there are only *minor* differences between the sexes, and that is bullshit. That is not what I am saying. I am simply pointing out that the word "gender" refers specifically to the social component of sex in human populations.

    I learned about this in sociology class in college. I thought the words gender and sex were synanomous, but they are not.

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    Re: Feminists vs "People of Color"

    renae KO pearl clutchers in 3 by brutal uppercut/left hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHE'LL BREAK IT THRU YA SKULL HOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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