Duncan Idaho posted this at the Nice Guy forum:

Hey dudes;

Cheers for the greetings.

Just to let you know, the reason I ditched all my old archives was a bout of paranoia, albeit justified at the time. I had just started my new job after moving when, at lunchtime, I saw someone browsing Eternal Bachelor. Some woman was commenting the usual stuff - "sad wanker, woman hater" - and another woman was looking over her shoulder and agreeing. One read out a few quotes and a guy in the office laughed out loud.

"This Duncan Idaho sounds cool!" he commented. The women sniffed in disgust.

Naturally, I freaked a bit.

This was only my third day at work and at lunchtime my new colleagues are on my blog! My blog was reasonably popular, but there are about 63 million people in the UK and about 63 billion blogs online. What are the chances of my new colleagues perusing my blog?

Then I remembered that whilst I'd not put anything really personal in my posts, there were one or two things that may have made people suspicious it was me had they read long enough; age, recent move, working in banking. It wouldn't have stood up in court but it would have made people consider "the new guy in the office" a potential suspect. I'd probably been asked if it was me, if only jokingly, and I'm a shit liar face-to-face.

In a free world I'd have been able to proudly declare it was my blog, but let's face it, I'd be utterly sacked and fucked if they knew. Plus I was working for the same company, just at a different branch; I'd not used the real names of female colleagues from my old branch in various work-related-anecdote posts but there were a few clues for someone already suspicious to pick out who I was referring to - and, specifically, which spinsters I'd been mocking and insulting. One in particular who was the daughter of the branch manager of the old place! My job would invariably be out the window, and so would my salary, meaning I'd be truly fucked. Probably living back with my parents and trying to sign on for benefits. Not cool.

I deleted the lot and had a nervous few days, and only after a week without anyone mentioning Eternal Bachelor did I figure that it was simply a coincidence. The woman at work had found my blog through some link from another anti-feminist blog (Christian J's "What Men Are Saying About Women") and that was it. They didn't know it was me behind EB. They still don't. I've got a new job since then anyway.

So it was a false alarm, but as I hope you'll understand, I did panic a bit. It's a blow the idea that women are oppressed that women can openly write blogs and even declare in workplaces that they hate men, but us guys who are critical of feminism have to use pseudonyms and work undercover under fear of being caught and, if not lynched outright, at least probably sacked. In Britain, criticising feminism is pretty much seen as hating women, and hating women - or, rather, the accusation of such - is just behind being a child molester in terms of scandalousness (is that a word? I hope so.) Just look at how former BBC newsreader Michael Buerk was pretty much slandered and hung out to dry the other year when he made a programme that simply pointed out that feminism had gone a bit too far. I haven't seen him on telly since!

I genuinely did fancy a break anyway, and was considering ending the blog sometime at the end of summer, temporarily or otherwise, and avoiding anti-feminist places due to how much they worked me up into a big fury, but I didn't originally have any plans on deleting all the old posts. I was going to leave the whole lot up. For reasons mentioned above, I had to delete the lot and, obviously, not mention exactly why.

These are Orwellian days in the Matriarchy of Britain this region of the Socialist State of the European Union.

Plus I had a whole load of other shit to deal with since the summer, including a family bereavement and another move.

But I'm back now, and it feels great. In fact I feel like a soldier re-united with his platoon.