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    Counselling service refuses to help men

    I added a myth to their list about a week back, for some unknown reason, they won't publish it!

    My point was that the myth that only men commit D/V is fraudulent and sexist and that they should be promoting the system to all... but, they've refused to publish so I can only assume they're not interested in reality.

    So, there's the URL - go at it!
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    Re: Counselling service refuses to help men

    I left em one I hope they publish it but I doubt it.
    "no greater love hath a man than to lay down his life for his brother."

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    Re: Counselling service refuses to help men

    I've been the victim of domestic violence from women. Physically I could knock the living shit out of them if I wanted, but the risk of false accusations that comes along with even just defending myself makes it not worth it.

    When I was 17, my elder sister accused me of attacking her with a knife after I grabbed her for spitting at me. Fucking bitch.

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    Re: Counselling service refuses to help men

    Reading this reminds me...on my route to work in the morning - all 2 miles of it - I pass a women's shelter house and an office of the YWCA. I think the house is a women's shelter; at any rate it seems to be set up to address women's domestic issues.

    Every time I pass them, it enters my mind to go in and ask about the programs they provide for men in the same situation. But I'm a-skeerd...

    Co-incidentally, our family just joined the local YMCA, which definitely accepts women as well as men. When you look at what the acronyms mean - Young Women's/Men's Christian Association - it seems to me that the YWCA has a hell of a nerve calling themselves Christian.

    The other thing is, the YMCA is in an ancient building in the middle of downtown Salem (ancient for the US, that is - probably 80 or 90 years old ), and over on Commercial Street, they're building a brand-new YWCA building, that takes up an entire block, and is over half brick. The bricks were all laid by hand (how else would you lay bricks - I don't know). It's not a brick facade - it's bricks. My point is, it looks EXPENSIVE! In fact, there is a sign on the fence showing the progress being made to raise a certain amount of money - presumably to pay for the facility.

    Nope. No double standards here...

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    Dec 2006

    Re: Counselling service refuses to help men

    My grand mother tried to give my mother away to another family. I thought that was pretty sickening.


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