BBC World Needs to be Bullied into Fairness

In the evening of 7 May 2006 GMT (in the morning of 8th May, NZ Time), a
male BBC World TV reporter reported from South Africa on the acquittal of
Jacob Zuma on a charge of rape outlined various aspects of the case. At the
end of the report, and with obvious fear in his eyes, he realised that he
had forgotten to be a Compulsory Feminist, and added that the acquittal had
"set back the cause of women's rights in South Africa."

What a vicious, sexist little worm ! As he himself had said, the acquittal
happened mainly because the Zuma's accuser had made several other
unsucessful accusations of rape in the past, and so was considered an
unreliable witness ( i.e. a liar). Needless to say, she has never been
prosecuted for perjuty, being a woman.

What about the cause of men's rights in South Africa ? Are men just
supposed to be convicted on false rape charges in order to further the
"right" of women to say whatever they like and be believed -- just because
Feminazi Lesbians and Quasi-Lesbians control the mind-controlling mass media

Another example of this Goebbels-like bias is when BBC World reported on the
attempt by a woman to use her ex-husband's sperm -- without his
permission -- to make a test-tube baby. The caption on screen was "Women's
Rights". Again, what about Men's Rights ? Are men just women's property,
so that all their children, property, body-parts and bodily secretions are
to be treated as being the property of some woman ?

A lot of fairly stupid bints have been put into powerful positions in the
media, education, and every other system and establishment in the Western
World, on the specious ground that women are as good as men, and so should
be advanced ahead of men so as to equalise the numbers in such positions.

Full of a specious feeling of victimhood, these bints have then proceeded to
treat their positions as personal property, which they can and do use to
promote their simplistic ideology and suppress dissenting voices.

They have only achieved this political domination by bullying, shouting down
opponents, using psychological pressure, threatening false accusations,
demonstrating, damaging property, using violence, and even letting off
bombs. It will take similar bullying to dislodge them.

Peter Zohrab