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    Post BBC debate: What does the birth of a boy mean for the Japanese royal succession?

    This thread is about a debate following on from this story:
    'Japan welcomes imperial baby boy'

    Japanese royal birth: Your reaction

    What does the birth of a boy mean for the Japanese royal succession?

    Japan's Princess Kiko has given birth to a boy, potentially resolving the imperial family's succession crisis.

    The princess, wife of the current emperor's second son, already has two daughters, but women are not allowed to ascend to the Chrysanthemum throne.

    Her son becomes the first male heir to be born into Japan's royal family in more than four decades.

    Has this solved the constitutional crisis in Japan? Does the birth of a male heir end the debate on whether the constitution should be revised to allow women to ascend to the throne? Send us your thoughts.
    I can't say I really give a toss about the Japanese royalty or any other, but basically, a load of muppets are whinging that Japan should 'get with the times' and be like other western monarchies and let women ascend to the throne.
    People also seem to be forgetting that the Japanese royal family do not actually rule the country.
    Really, this is harldy an issue of equality of the sexes, more an issue of modernity versus traditon, but it is still interesting to see all the retards coming out of the woodwork and complaining about misogyny and discrimination whenever they get the chance.
    -And let's remember that Japan has lots of female-only trains, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, hotels.

    Personally, I agree with these people:
    Wonderful news! Congratulations to the Imperial family! We, the westerners, might not understand the Japanese custom, but I believe they take pride in their culture, as we do. Having males only in line of the throne should not make people believe they are not an evolved culture, or women are being persecuted, au contraire, the custom survives and that's making them special!
    Irina, Detroit
    Japan's imperial lineage can be directly traced to 600BC. This makes it approx the age of the Acropolis in Athens and nearly as old as Stonehenge. Stonehenge also serves "no useful purpose" but that is no excuse for knocking it down or rebuilding it with breeze blocks. Personally I'm glad that the Japanese can keep a bit of their traditions alive... we seem hell bent on destroying ours.
    Peter_Sym, Nottingham
    What a refreshing change a country that sticks to its traditions and snubs those political correctness dogooders!
    lee richardson, blackburn
    I am pleased that the Japanese Imperial court are able to proceed with tradition. I don't think it is for foreigners to comment or judge other countries, nor to brand them as discriminatory. A ban on female heirs does not necessarily mean Japanese women live in an unfair country; after all, the BBC’s article goes on to say that this birth is set in the current climate of a decreasing birth rate due to women pursuing ambitions and careers. Hardly an unequal society, though again I cannot judge.
    James, Bedford

    Here are some of the retards;
    And I feel sorry for the poor woman who had to go through a very difficult and life-threatening pregnancy, and has been made to feel worthless and useless up until the point she produced a male heir, just because girls aren't good enough for the Japanese. Michelle, London

    Japan is one of the most high tech countries, why can't they be more in the present than in the past when it comes to who should be able to be crowned next.It it sad to see that in some countries woman are still worthless after all we are all human.
    Sam Noble, Swindon
    Women make up half the world's population. Countries like Japan need to start educating their people that the worth of any child is beyond its gender. Love and mutual respect for both sexes is the only important thing. As a Roman Catholic I often feel sidelined as a woman too. Some customs are based on ignorance and have nothing to do with truth or goodness, customs and cultural traditions only come from an earlier time when men were in charge and women had no rights.
    Maria, Bristol
    Japan is steeped in hierarchy and male chauvinism which is quite extreme in many aspects. This society has never treated women as equals and male attitudes are disgusting and full of contempt for women. Women need to empower themselves more than ever and this lady needs to use her position to influence positive change in the way that women are viewed and treated. A woman is not a baby making factory, get over this backward worshipping of sons, it seems to blight many cultures. It denigrates us.
    Yoko, London
    Would it have been so bad to have changed the constitution to allow a woman to succeed? After all this is the 21st century and the Japanese do seem to be stuck in a feudal timewarp when it comes to their constitution. It would have sent out the right signals in relation to sexual equality if this highly industrialised economy would have legislated to allow a woman to rule the country. They only have to look at UK history to see successful female monarchs - Elizabeth I and Victoria to name two
    Pauline Fothergill, Halifax, West Yorkshire

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    Re: BBC debate: What does the birth of a boy mean for the Japanese royal succession?

    Bugger 'em all, if you'll pardon my French.
    Japan has been under the western feminist knuckle for decades. Older Japanese men range far and wide throughout S.E. Asia looking for real women (and sometimes find them).

    The way that CNN or BBCworld describes the world around us has nothing to do with what real people think. They're in the propaganda business.
    But millions still suck it up.
    Whatever I say, write, think, do or even imagine.... some woman somewhere made me do it.
    It's her responsibility and not mine.


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