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    Feb 2009

    Anti-Health Nazi Event

    Near Milton Keynes, England. Stony Stratford to be precise.

    A local poltician wants to ban smoking in the street. Because it's dirty. Ahem.

    full details here:

    Daily Mail shock horror story, here:

    If you value freedom, maybe you might consider popping along? I'm going.

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    Feb 2009

    Re: Anti-Health Nazi Event

    I am an english gentleman. we hire ghurkas for that sort of thing.

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    Feb 2011

    Re: Anti-Health Nazi Event

    Amazing at which pace the rights, hard earned, are being taken away of late.

    Actual proof that NWO is ahead.

    Orwellian times one would have thought a joke in the past, are laughing at us now.

    Next will be mandatory cigarette smoke detectors in your house.

    Or maybe a tax on cow farts! Oh wait, Carbon tax, my bad!!

    What then?

    We must disassociate from Gubment.


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