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    Thumbs up Absolutely outstanding radio interview on male DV victims (Tom Leykis show)

    I just listened to an episode of the Tom Leykis show, a nationally syndicated radio talk show here in the United States, in which Tom had on two representatives from the National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM). In this episode, the discussion centered around how a local high school in Torrance, California invited some women to speak about domestic violence from a local women's shelter. At that event, the feminists put forth the totally unsupported myth that 95 percent of all domestic violence is perpetrated by men, against women. One male student told his father about this, that father contacted the NCFM and Fathers 4 Justice, and they held a little protest outside the school grounds. The principal of the school asked them what they would like to be done, and as a result of that conversation, the men's activists were allowed to do a presentation before the student government.

    I have to say that after listening to the following broadcast, I am so impressed with Marc Angelucci, who represented the NCFM admirably in this interview. If there was ever a well-informed advocate who was knowledgeable of a wide variety of data, it is Marc. Just listen to this interview... Our side absolutely shines. I simply cannot overstate how impressively the guests presented the information on Tom's radio program in this episode. They were especially proficient in refuting a couple feminist callers, and that was because they had such a commanding grasp of the data and the law. No question, these are the types of MRAs that I want to emulate. All of us should strive to be this effective. The NCFM is truly setting the pace for the world in terms of its in person advocacy. Again, another group centered in California, just like the CAFC -- right here in my back yard.

    I was proud of being in their camp today. I am proud as I type this. This broadcast is only 38 minutes long, but it is well worth your time. You will be inspired when you hear this.

    Tom Leykis Show
    Week of May 12-16

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    Re: Absolutely outstanding radio interview on male DV victims (Tom Leykis show)

    What astounded me was the base way the feminists set out to lay their male hatred on the relatively unsophisticated minds of the students.

    Then the threat that if any male handed out controverting flyers they would be arrested.

    Obviously any young men reading about this would come to the logical conclusion that marriage nowdays is a
    non sequitur bigtime - marriage nowdays involves police , court injunctions, hiring of expensive lawyers etc etc

    Wouldn't it be better for a young man to dodge this mess and instead vacate on the blue waters off of Acapulco


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