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    (US) Radio featuring Steve Moxon "The women Racket"

    Radio Discussion with Steve Moxon, author of "The Woman Rack

    by Mike Wiffen on Mon 07 Apr, 2008 4:24 pm ... 3Darchives

    A discussion on "Male Mentoring" an interview by Henry Makow with Steve
    Moxton, author of "The Woman Racket" on 6th April 2008.

    An excellent discussion. Includes issues such as 'Domestic Violence' and the 'Family Courts', and many other issues.

    I clicked on the PLS ( Playlist Files: PLS M3U ) link within the link above, and listened via RealPlayer.
    ENDGAME: ... &plindex=9

    YouTube Playlist:

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    Re: (US) Radio featuring Steve Moxon "The women Racket"

    I always thought that the blaming of carbon dioxide for global warming was a big lie
    the powers that be want to control the panic agenda of the carbon lie and so the people that support it;
    it is the story of chicken little and the cunning fox all over again
    - the fox tells the dumb cluck chickens that the sky is falling but salvation is in repairing to his cave the fox even leaves markers for the silly chickens to follow and eventually the fox feasts on the dumb clucks

    The sun is brighter and warmer not carbon dioxide

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    Re: (US) Radio featuring Steve Moxon "The women Racket"

    Steve Moxon is officially my hero at the moment. That book he wrote is amazing and is a source of facts that validate everything we say.


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