I have some very exciting news regarding next January's international men's rights conference, which is taking place in Greece - the organisers are accepting both written submissions and video submissions, from people who will be unable to attend.

Captain MRA e-mailed the following questions to one of the events organisers:

1) There is likely to be some prominent international FRAs and MRAs who cannot attend in person. Would there be a possibility of an internet link-up for FRAs and MRAs who are not able to attend?

2) Is it possible for people to submit research, writings and personal experiences, either in written or video form, that may be used at the conference, if they are not able to attend in person? I believe there are many activists who would like to contribute, even if they cannot attend in person.

3) Will the conference be filmed. Because I think that if it was filmed and subsequently uploaded to Youtube, there would be many worldwide who would like to see it.

And he received the following answers:

1. An internet linkup is something we hadn't thought about and I feel we have to thank you for giving us a very good idea. Now we are seriously thinking of having an internet linkup at the conference.

2. Of course it is possible for people to submit writings that will be read by other people (probably me) or, preferably, videos that wil be screened during our sessions. But as a conference we are quite faithful to academic formalities, so we would like to have 300-word summaries of the videos and the papers submitted by September the 30th, so that we may include them in the conference programme. All papers should also include references and a bibliography, as we may also publish conference proceedings.

3. Yes, the conference will be filmed and uploaded to youtube.

I believe this is the e-mail address to send submissions to: i.lambrou@methymneos.gr