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    Scotland 10K for Men in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow 17th June 2007

    Scotland 10K for Men in Bellahouston Park

    Please support and take part in the UK’s only 10k run specifically for men and raise much needed funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

    Take part in the Men’s Health Forum Scotland 10K for Men in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow on Sunday 17th June 2007Father’s Day!

    Link to the original post.
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    Re: Scotland 10K for Men in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow 17th June 2007

    Sounds like a good idea.. But why not have a MALE/MEN'S RIGHTS Marathon instead? It would have more relevancy to younger people like me, and also unmarried men and men who are not fathers, so it would encourage more people to participate... Father's Rights falls under the parent philosophy of Men's Rights, we must not forget that... Relying on the cause of "Father's Rights" too much causes an image problem among the general public...

    For example, the term "MRA" is completely known only to those among informed MRA circles

    I'd say it would be a peaceful and effective public relations effort to have an "ANTI-FEMINISM FESTIVAL" on the streets with rock bands, etc.


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