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    Rffj protest in Belfast and Boro

    Real Fathers for Justice - News
    Members of the civil rights campaign group, the Real Fathers for Justice (Rffj), today held coordinated protests around the UK.

    In Belfast where activists staged a demo last night then back this morning on the West link (the main route into the city from the M1), and in Middlesbrough, where demonstrators held a protest over the A66 into the city during rush hour.

    The action is to highlight continuing failures in the family courts and the politician’s reluctance to deal with the problem.

    Northern Ireland coordinator Peter Morris conducted live radio interviews and spoke to the Belfast telegraph, prospective Conservative candidate Paula Bradshaw heard about the protest on the radio and came down to speak with activists, local radio coverage was also broadcast in Middlesbrough. (More images from Belfast later)

    Said Rffj national spokesman Mike Kelly “We are protesting today to again raise awareness of the failings in family law in the UK"

    "We want to let any new Government know exactly how the family courts treat divorced fathers, around 50% of fathers lose contact with their children within 3 years of separation, aided and abetted by the outdated family courts of injustice"

    "The problems have not gone away, mass fatherlessness can be attributed to many of the root causes in the breakdown in today's society, we want the law changed so decent loving fathers have parity and equality to continue to play an active role in their children's upbringing post separation"

    "Fathers can be treated like terrorists if they separate from the mother, the state will assist in sanctioned kidnapping by the mother, contact orders still go unenforced and are routinely ignored with relative impunity despite recent legislation"

    “And if it happens to you? Guess what you can’t talk about it, because secrecy laws are gagging anyone involved from speaking out”

    “Even a recent BBC2 documentary (Who needs fathers?) was pulled, denying the pubic insight on how family court orders are totally ineffective”

    "We are campaigning for an open and accountable system, where there is compulsory mediation and a presumption of equal parenting after separation, all we ask is for a level playing field when parenting arrangements are being decided"

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    Re: Rffj protest in Belfast and Boro

    Excellent. It's great to see they got some real attention from radio, written media and even got the attention of a local political candidate. That really is great to see! Well done guys!
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    Re: Rffj protest in Belfast and Boro

    great stuff! I wish I had been able to partake in this, like many such actions, we need more folk doing em!


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