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    I hate the news more and more

    I am So pissed...

    Open up yahoo to see if there was any important news and all I found was....

    ow Im not a big fan of rush but really? I have a theory (as I haven't seen any studies on it) that feminism empowerment is what has led to the safety lawsuit era.

    (edit)Man Assaults Wife for Not "Liking" His Facebook Update - Yahoo! News
    So its official a man will fully assault his wife if she pisses him off. Statistically 80+ percent of the assaults or rapes by men are done under the influence. This is hardly an assault considering the many times I've seen a women play the game like this with no penalty...

    Amanda Knox Slips Out of Seclusion for Brief Shopping Trip - Yahoo!
    So she is innocent. Why do they need to victimize her anymore? And the comments prove that people are ignorant of what happens in male prisons. (I used to know a guy who was once harassed by a female officer and spent a night at the station for resisting an officer. He didn't commit a crime initially to begin with)

    Pelosi: Brown wisecrack show he's clueless - Yahoo! News
    Really? I mean Really!

    Woman suspected of removing fetus from Wis. mother - Yahoo! News
    Wow psycho women do exist...

    Woman allegedly stabs man on Inglewood bus - The Daily Breeze
    She just stabbed him in an argument, nothing to see... Oh btw if you can catch her (them) and not go to jail yourself for abuse call me...

    More man hating at 6...

    Im just sick of being hated and treated like a potential rapist/terrorist/molester/abuser/sexist and seeing every media outlet tell me that I'm one of "them" because of my gender...

    Even a writer at the most mangina site out there notices this...
    Women's lib - AskMen

    Rant pt:1 out
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    Re: I hate the news more and more

    Yeah, that happens. Honestly, if you want to get somewhere in life, turn off the news (there are numerous books about this).

    I remember a man telling me of his experience in hospital and he said, "The nurses treat men badly".

    Because I had spent 6 weeks in hospital myself (they were prepared for me to be there 8 months) and I was strong minded (another post) I was kicked out the day after an operation by the nurses as I started sticking up for patients.

    There's no bias against men, as everyone cops the lack of nurses available per shift, but because the man who spoke to me became aware of his treatment, he just assumed all men are singled out.


    You should see the amount of bais towards single parents in the news, lol.

    But in saying this, I have seen cultures get pissed off about the media and feminists, gays, lesbians and all in between have groups to silence the media. Why not men..... why not single parents.....
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    Ignorance is the Oppressor, Vigilance the Liberator.


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