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    Without apology : Andrea Dworkin's art and politics-Jenefsky, Cindy,ISBN 0813318262 9780813318264

    Without Apology.GIF

    Without apology : Andrea Dworkin's art and politics

    Jenefsky, Cindy

    Boulder, Colorado USA : Westview Press, 1998

    Book 163 pp

    ISBN 0813318262 9780813318264

    The Artist as Revolutionary --
    The Cultural Construction of Misogyny --
    Fairy Tales --
    Pornography --
    Polar Gender Scripts in Lived Experience --
    Footbinding --
    Witchburning --
    Mythic Form --
    Quest for Alternative Scripts --
    Androgyny as an Alternative Paradigm --
    Textual Politics: Conventional Form in a Radical Vision --
    Precedents and Discontinuities --
    Battling Pornography --
    Reconstructing Pornography: From Speech to Action --
    The Pornographic Image: Content in Context --
    Pornography as Propaganda --
    The Production of Pornography --
    Refining the Links: Pornography and Sexual Abuse --
    Pornography Reconfigured --
    The Art of Confrontation --
    Privileging the Concrete --
    Centering the Margins --
    Ironic Reversals: Switching the Grounds of Debate --
    Subverting Pornography --
    "The Artist's Struggle for Integrity" in a Man-Made World --
    Intercourse: An Institution of Male Power --
    Sexual Intercourse in Social Context --
    Integrity and Male Supremacy --
    The Structure of Intercourse --
    Women's Integrity in a Man-Made World --
    Joan of Arc: Rebel Virginity --
    Integrity in the Text: Art as Resistance --
    Conclusion: Artistic Integrity as Strategic Politics.

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    Re: Without apology : Andrea Dworkin's art and politics-Jenefsky, Cindy,ISBN 0813318262 978081331826

    Dworkin always reminded me of the slimy Jabba the Hutt


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