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    In Their Own Words: The Wisdom and Passion of Our Founding Fathers

    In Their Own Words: The Wisdom and Passion of Our Founding Fathers
    Nasello, Edward
    Singapore : Proof Perfect, © date
    Book 216 pp ISBN-13: 9780983189800 ISBN: 0983189803
    "In Their Own Words: The Wisdom and Passion of Our Founding Fathers" provides patriots of all ages the opportunity to share in the wisdom of America's founding generation by exploring the words of some of the most celebrated founding fathers (George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Paine).
    This book has been written in an easy to read format that can be enjoyed by all readers. It provides insight into the principles and values of the founding generation of Americans through the exploration of original, source referenced writings and speeches from our founding fathers. Questions and commentary are also provided to prompt reflection and discussion about the inspired ideals that have paved the road for a nation founded on the blessings of liberty.
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