The Miracle of Sons.jpg The Miracle of Sons: Celebrating the Boys in Our Lives
Miller, Jamie C.
Westminster, London UK : Penguin Group, 2003
Sander, Jennifer Basye
Book 224 pp ISBN-13: 9780399528514 ISBN: 0399528512
The media today isn't exactly filled with stories about happy, healthy boys and well-adjusted, responsible young men. Luckily, real life is filled with such stories-and so is this book. In The Miracle of Sons, parents share true accounts of the challenges and changes-and the rarely-acknowledged heroism-of our nation's sons. Through heartwarming, eye-opening stories, readers will gain new insight into the world of boys and their delightful life passages-and be reminded that despite the myths and media images, boys do bring a great deal of joy to their families and communities...and grow up to make the world a better place.