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    Chicken, Apples, and Curry...Who'd a thunk it?

    I don't know the measurements of the curry base or the amount of apple cider put into this but I thought it was worth a gander for you guys.

    Maybe something you can tinker around with.

    3 large(ish) boneless chicken breasts.

    Some curry base.

    Apple cider.

    2 apples.

    Corn Starch. (to be added in the end to thicken the sauce.)

    Through some apple cider in your slow cooker with some powdered curry base. Slow cook it 8-10 hours (or until chicken is cooked through and tender). For the last 45 minutes of the cooking time cut up your apples and throw them in the cooker. Before serving add enough corn starch to thicken up the base to your liking.

    This is a good sweet/spicy dish. The chicken was fantastic and the base went real well over mashed taters.
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    Re: Chicken, Apples, and Curry...Who'd a thunk it?

    Sounds good TY


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