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  1. “The Patriarchy” is the Reason Women Get High Paying Jobs (Celebrating 100 Posts!)

    by , 21st-September-2010 at 09:15 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Celebrating my 100th blog post with a piece on the role of fathers

    Heres something that will make feminists cringe. Studies show that many women follow their father’s footsteps in career path. Yes that’s right, men are the ones getting women interested in higher paying fields. Not feminism, not outside programs, but men.

    In fairness, they don’t give an exact number, or the exact reason why (either girls are paying more attention now that they can have careers, or fathers are giving more attention now that it’s a possibility, or both) But there is definitely a cultural trend, and a noticeable impact from the involved fathers.

    Why is this so important? Well, traditionally “male” jobs have significantly higher pay due to physical labor, high degrees, and emphasis on math and science. All this time when women were claiming to be locked out of the workforce there was a key right in front of them. Spend more time with dad, and confront him about a job and he will help you out.

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  2. So whats a "real man" anyways?

    by , 15th-September-2010 at 09:43 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    We have always heard the things like “man up” when ever we are hesitant or you aren’t a real man if don’t have any of the super-rugged alpha male, manly man (dramatization). So what then does it mean to be a man? Who the hell gets to define it? Why should we define it?

    Since I was little the lecture I got from my dad came down to a real man did what needed to be done to provide for his family and those in need. While he never said financially, you definitely get the idea that’s what was implied. He still lives this way and it puts strain on him, I have great respect for it (though I admit I don’t always show it) and as a whole I think he’s content with the life he lives regarding this.

    That being said it’s not the life for me. Will I have a family one day? Maybe, I prefer not to think that far ahead in regards to emotional relationships, and based on my interests (we get some from our parents) I may end up with a six year old reading Edgar Allen Poe, watching the Simpsons and old horror movies, or listening to the 69 Eyes and David Bowie as we bake chocolate hazelnut cookies. If I am really lucky there will be a nice curmudgeon streak in there too. The words “demon spawn” could easily come out in a parent-teacher conference. Best of luck to my hypothetical child’s hypothetical mother.

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  3. Who Suffers the Most After Leaving the Military?

    by , 13th-September-2010 at 08:34 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Gotta love the ASA and all the free articles they have online. This one on post-military experiences came up recently. For those of you who don’t want to read the whole thing, I will give you a simplistic summary. It looked at prior studies and what they lacked and asked who is affected by being in the military and how.

    Only two things were absolutely clear amongst studies. Non-combat veterans and higher ranked soldiers were better off than combat veterans and infantry.

    However then we get into things like socioeconomics and we see how different groups are affected. There were a few basic theories that most people would normally use trying to figure out who suffers and how much.

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  4. My Problem With Female-Only Businesses

    by , 9th-September-2010 at 09:44 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    When I say female only businesses I am not talking about companies run only by women (But I would not be surprised if many of these are) I am talking about the “Pink” Busses and Taxis, special hotel floors, etc. Lets call it the “Pink Industry”.

    I acknowledge the Pink Industry’s right to exist as private companies, and it is a clever marketing move. However, it shows the double standard as never in one million years would you be able to see a male only taxi. Its also evil.

    Why is it evil? Click here
  5. One Man Chicago

    by , 6th-September-2010 at 06:31 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Recently Chicago had something called One Man Chicago, almost a pageant sort of thing for male charity workers. The purpose was to represent and put emphasis on the men involved in charities (because less men are involved directly in charity organizations and activities…I don’t know about non-active donations, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more men were behind that). But the idea behind this was to both raise male self-esteem and put emphasis on great male role models in the Chicago area. Men are often not given credit for being both involved, and men rather just being involved. This puts a bit more emphasis on the male factor and shows that there are excellent men out there and that men are decent human beings, despite what many may want you to think.

    It just ended recently, and I discovered it right after it ended. I am a bit embarrassed about that. Still, I think its worth the mention and deserves to get a bit of attention.

    The people behind this deserve quite a bit of praise. I don’t know if there will be one next year but I certainly hope there is. I also hope that more cities begin to follow the pattern and that we see these go throughout the United States. Who knows maybe soon we will have a “One Man America?”
  6. Struggle For Fairness-Standing for Equality (for all practical purposes)

    by , 4th-September-2010 at 03:58 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    That last part is a major disclaimer. I hear a lot of people say that “equality among the sexes is impossible”. I disagree. Things will never be 100% perfect. I get that. But shouldn’t we atleast try to get as goddam close as we possibly can? Im a cynic, but even I see that we can improve things.

    So here are some of the arguments that people have made against equality, which I argue aren’t really about equality. Lets look at some major blogs

    From Angry Harry’s Blog

    “For those who think, Yes, (because there are more women voters than men voters) then it follows that they also believe that those in a minority should have less of a say in what affects them.
    They believe that the largest group (women) should have the greatest power.”
    This isn’t true, you are saying one group should have more power, rather that each individual should have have equal amount of voting power. Women do not vote as a completely unified group. They may think similarly, but there is no female hive-mind being somewhere telling them all to think and vote the exact same way.

    For example, if men and women are doing the same job for the same number of hours, then a superficial analysis would suggest that they should get paid the same amount.
    But, should they?
    For example, should a man who has been lawyering or bricklaying for 20 years be paid the same as a woman who has been doing such jobs for only 10 years?
    Should a man who can carry two bricks in his wheelbarrow earn the same pay as a woman who can only carry one?
    If you answer Yes to either of the above questions, then I would argue that your notion of 'equality' is very strange.
    Actually its not, this goes back to the topic of equality for all practical purposes. They are equal. They are treated equally based on relative factors of skill and pay. Equal treatment does not necessarily mean equal outcome. Paying people the ...
  7. Globalization as a Fuel for Feminism

    by , 30th-August-2010 at 11:59 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Feminism has a love-hate relationship with globalization and multiculturalism. As ive pointed out they use it for the blame of the male identity crisis. Multiculturalism has been a great eye opener for business, technology and social norms. Social norms are great in many ways, especially regarding some of the more lassaiz-faire philosophies became more mainstream, and ethical approaches to things have been analyzed as well. There is no one perfect road and as they get blended together we take many aspects of cultures (from food and style to government policies and business)

    Then we get to the horrible things. Men taken away due to apartheid in south africa and women being raped and tormented in Islamic cultures. As a result an entire religion is being condemned based on being hostile towards women. Of course we ignore that men are murdered while women are raped when you live to tell the tale you get a lot more attention and concern

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  8. longer just for laughs

    by , 26th-August-2010 at 01:19 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    For those of you who havent heard of it, is a website where you can pay a guy 10 dollars and you can have someone dump your girlfriend/boyfriend. Its sleazy, I know. However they also put alot of the audio recordings on youtube . If you like laughing at others pain or horrific situations then this is for you. Normally you get the clingy people, those bad in bed, or just strange people-and fun is had by all (listening) however this recently came up.

    Yes, Dennis was in an abusive relationship, had a glass thrown at him and his head cut for ruining the season finale of dexter.

    Bradley makes a huge deal out of the abuse, and tries to pound it through the bitch's head that its a problem. Clearly he gets it as a cause of breakup, but i dont think the average listener will start thinking about the impact of male victims of domestic violence.

    Of course, thats not why I am pointing this out, I say this because it can be used as a tool in order to avoid an abusive partner.

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  9. Counterpoint-Globalization is the Cause for the Male Identity Crisis!

    by , 22nd-August-2010 at 04:16 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Feminists have claimed the male identity has been lost not due to feminism but due to the fact jobs are being shipped overseas and low skill jobs were gone leaving men without a place. This is tactic number one for the male identity being lost without blaming feminism.

    Now as I have already pointed out, according to feminism the male identity crisis is caused by globalization but the change of gender roles (the positive aspects that come with it) are due to feminism. So essentially what they are doing is trying to change the topic, using globalization as a scapegoat while feminism remains the cure. Anyone buying that? Im not

    But lets look at things deeper, maybe they are onto something, has globalization changed the male identity?

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  10. Do Men See Themselves as a Gender?

    by , 18th-August-2010 at 08:23 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    We have all heard the sex/gender debate. So let me clarify this now, when I say gender I also mean sex. So this is regarding men seeing themselves as a separate entity from women or the social norm. When I say gender, I mean men as a group.
    The reason I am asking this is because it seems a lot of men don’t look into men’s rights. They may question things, when told to open doors for women, or register for the draft. But few go to a great extent beyond that

    Theres often mocking or criticizing of the idea of “white culture” because, in America white is the social and cultural norm. So there is little to no analysis in regards to how people are discriminated against regarding being white (even though in 2000 they were the fourth largest group of victims of hate crimes after blacks, jews, and gays-collectively). “Men’s issues” might be seen similar to most along the idea “white culture”. They live it as a social norm, so they don’t really think about it that much. If you look at the male gender as what we consider the cultural norm, for better or for worse it makes sense why most men wouldn’t question what men have to go through.

    If men do not see themselves as a group, it is clearly problematic. They put less concern on prostate cancer, suicide, social conscription, etc. Because men are individuals and independent by nature, they do not see men as a gender.

    So men don’t see men as a gender. As the cultural norm they do not look past things regarding the way they are, they do not see the big picture because they do not really question things to the extent that they should be questioned.

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