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  1. Republicans Put Up a New Barrier to Abortion by Playing by Abusing Fatherís Rights Movement

    by , 28th-July-2011 at 02:32 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    I have made it very clear, while politics is normally picking the lesser of two evils, one is far more evil than the other. I have no problem looking anyone in the eye saying that even with feminism, I still tend to go to the left if it came to a vote on most politicians.

    The Party of No is at it again. Here is the next step in their pro-life agenda. They have done all sorts of things including ridiculous standards to perform an abortion. This time, you need the consent of the father in order to perform an abortion. The argument is that a father has a choice if the child is born or not. In a sense they are absolutely right, a father should have more input. But not the final say.

    They say this is in the name of ďfatherís rightsĒ but no one is buying that. Most people stand for the ďfinancial abortionĒ by either parent so no one is stuck with an unwanted child. It is a ploy by the right to control womenís bodies. The icing on the cake that pisses me off is the mask of fatherís rights.

    Fatherís rights isnít about control of women it is about being involved with children. Its shit like this that makes fatherís rights look bad. Yes, things get ugly when the father wants to keep the child and the mother doesnít, and the financial abortion option is on the table yet the mother still wants to have the abortion. Things can get really really ugly, and it is going to be a problem, but it still needs to be confronted. And no, as of now I donít have the answer, but this sure as hell isnít it.

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  2. The Male Identity and Education

    by , 25th-July-2011 at 10:58 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    There is little doubt that the male gender role identify relies a great deal on the ability to provide, as a result the male identity is often tied to being able to provide for families and society as a whole. When the ability to provide is not there, the male identity weakens, and when it weakens on a collective level, societies that rely on traditional masculinity puts men into a state of crisis.

    The ability to provide is also related to the economy. In a society that relies greatly on both consumption and finances as a way to survive, the primary way of providing is not through a job with stable monetary income. You cannot go out to the woods and do everything necessary for a healthy stable life anymore (well you can for basic survival, but if you want to go beyond that you are in trouble). In order to be a provider, you have to have a job.

    The more jobs that are available, the more men that are capable of providing for their families. There is a bit more room for mobility without a degree, but more than anything else more people who want to work can. The more men that can find jobs, the stronger a masculinity based around providing will be.

    As long as the ability to provide is linked to the economy, when the economy fluctuates, it will drag masculinity with it. When the economy fails, unemployment and underemployment is high, and men are out of work traditional masculinity will plummet with the economy, crash and burn. The high unemployment rates will lead to a level of displacement among those working, and put the next generation in an uncomfortable spot as they cannot be a ďmanĒ in the same way their fathers and grandfathers were. When the economy fails, men go through an identity crisis.

    Clearly we have a problem here, this simply adds insult to injury of a failing economy. There are a few solutions. The first is to have providing not based on having a job. This really wonít work ...
  3. MenZone

    by , 14th-July-2011 at 05:45 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    There is a new men's rights/issues/culture subreddit. It is called MenZone. I am a mod, you should go and check it out if you are on reddit!
  4. The Delusion of Glory

    by , 8th-July-2011 at 08:57 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    rom a young age boys are taught to persevere and to win. Boys are told stories with a message you should fight against all odds and attempt to gain the glory you desire. Stories of fantastic knights (often also upholding the valiant code of chivalry) who slay dragons sit in the minds of youth. Gladiators and conquerors who reign supreme as they fight for what all that is right in the world and defending the people in the local village. Rock stars and champion athletes hold the attention of the world as people scream their names in excitement. These are who we are shown to look up to.

    No child is without a glorious hero whose name will go down in legend, and almost every child dreams of being the person who would fight for such things no matter what the cost.

    When a young boy is on the merge of collapsing, he is told to hold it in, endure the pain and keep going. The cheerleaders keep on screaming his name, despite his injury. The princess is waiting behind the beasts, as you fight for freedom and justice to save the world around you. That is what victory gets you! Fame! Glory! Power! The love of the people! You are a hero in their eyes and will live on as a god amongst men.

    Of course from the knight in shining armor, to the football star, to the brave soldier we also see a sad story in the background. The thousandth knight to face the dragon, the last hope of the football team, and the mighty soldier who saves the day also share something else in common. They are the last to take the challenge. They arenít as special as much special, as they are the next in line to go against impossible odds. If they fail then someone else will come forth to take their place. Whether it be a pompous fool to fight the beast, the next seasonís quarterback, or the infantry reserves-they arenít the only hope that theyt have been made out to be.

    No, in reality they are simply tools. Tools of society. And while ...
  5. My Thoughts on Thomas Ball

    by , 28th-June-2011 at 02:52 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Thomas Ball is now famous in the menís movement; his act of self immolation in protest is emphasized and pointed out, to the point that he is being called heroic. Some people are even using this as an advocacy or justification for violence. Before you make judgments about him, you shouldread what he had to say.

    And here are my thoughts: What happened was a tragedy, and he absolutely should be honored for his fight. But at the end of the day, I still think his methods, and advocacy for violence (see the Molotov cocktail section) are wrong. The only thing violence breeds is more violence, and I am not going to excuse that, just because he proves a point I stand by. This was not an act of self defense, it was not an act of selfishness, it was an act of self destructive protest and it is a great tragedy.

    We need to regard and acknowledge him, not just for his own suffering and battles with the legal system, but also for the points he makes in the numbers he found regarding things like domestic violence.

    Also, in confession if I heard he slapped his kid, when things started I would have given custody to the mother. He slapped his kid once, and just because the majority of the country sees it as a just method of punishing children doesnít mean it isnít one. I would have separated him from his kids in the initial stages just as fast. And in reality, I donít know what I would have done from there in the long term regarding custody.

    However, there are other misconceptions going around that need to be clarified. First, he did not wish this to punish his wife or children, nor did he advocate for allowing abusers to stay in their homes regardless of situation. In fact he advocated that homeless shelters be open up to men as well, as this could remedy the problem in itself.

    The man is not a martyr, a hero, an abuser, or a coward. He is just a protester who was in great pain, and it ...
  6. My Problem with Female Only Businesses Part 2: Degrees of Wrong

    by , 22nd-June-2011 at 03:38 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Some time last year, I wrote about the Pink Industry-a series of businesses, primarily safety services that are female oriented and entirely female employed under the notion of protection from men. The clear problems are that it demonizes men, and makes women excessively paranoid for cash, completely ignoring the possibility of female abuse, violence, and lesbians (another concern was taxi cab drivers hitting on people they were driving).

    There were a few complaints that I equated women only gyms and salons with women only taxis and trains. And in the text of the article, to an extent they are right. The reality is, that some of them, are not as terrible as others, so it is time we break it down.

    At the bottom of the list, I put female only gyms. Gyms, are designed to all out exploit insecurity of women of being judged by men, but they are also judged by women which they cannot avoid. The greater message is also ďwe donít judge hereĒ (similar to a sleazy bar). Does it make men look bad? Yes, but it is just a groan, not a scream.

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  7. Could a Successful Menís Movement Lead to Less Happy Men?

    by , 16th-June-2011 at 04:35 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    When we look at the successes of the womenís movement, the biggest two noted are the right to vote, and the freedom of choice between workforce and family. Unfortunately, the latter also came at the cost of less happiness for women. This is a predictable outcome, when you consider the ďwhat might have beenĒ factor. When you have an abundance of choices, you will wonder what life would be if you took a different route. On a particularly bad day, or a time where you have some empty time to think, this can lead to a bit of mental suffering. The world is a cold place, and when you change your life plan, in hindsight there will always be a bit of regret. You may not wish to change things, but part of you will always wonder what the world would be like if you made a different decision.

    So will we see the same in a successful menís movement?

    If we break away the necessity of being the provider and having a family, men are going to see an abundance of options in life and more freedoms, due to the new choices. Especially if there is a financial/social abortion document. Imagine what it might be like to see someone that was almostyour child but you decided not to raise them. We might have to deal with the ďwhat might have beenĒ factor ourselves. Who hasnít looked into the past and wondered if life would be better if they made a different decision? Itís not too unreasonable to say that this is going to come out of a successful menís movement, especially when we look at options of choice for men.

    The next question would have to be, ďis it worth it?Ē

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  8. Crazy Idea: Giving Assistance to ďDeadbeat DadsĒ

    by , 13th-June-2011 at 05:03 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    In some states in the US you can lose a driverís license if child support is backed up too much. It doesnít make much sense-how are you going to get to work to pay support if you canít drive there? Now in Canada your credit ratings might suffer as well. The idea is to restrain these men from spending and having money because they wonít pay for child support.

    There are a few things rather illogical about this. The first is, it hinders the economy. How can people who are having their finances cut actually spend money and put forth towards job development? Even worse, how can they make money in order to actually pay the child support if you hurt credit ratings so they canít get a roof over their heads?

    Doesnít make much sense. And it gets even trickier.

    It is hard to determine (during the paperwork process) which people canítpay child support and which people wonít. There is a huge difference. No matter what you think of child support laws, those who canít pay are put in a worse situation than those who wonít, because they are treated the same way and get unjust punishments.

    So why donít we consider something else. Why donít we give assistance to people who are struggling? By assuming that they canít pay instead of wonítpay we can work with things like job assistance to keep these people employed, well fed, and able to survive on their own we can then move on to also working to help their children. We do more damage by punishing everyone for the what the few are guilty for than by helping everyone, and punishing those that donít follow through in the end (those that are then proceeding to do well after receiving assistance can have assistance taken away/garnished wages/etc.).

    Punishing these men, who often donít deserve to be punished doesnít help the kids. If we really want to be in the ďbest interest of the childĒ it needs to be about getting the child the best and most ...
  9. 1 in 10 Falsely Accused of Violence-Still Think itís A Minority?

    by , 5th-June-2011 at 03:40 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    A great criticism of those who defend people from false accusations is that we are dealing with such a small minority of the population that it is not a major issue from a larger standpoint in society. The False Rape Society, which shares a story of a false accusation just about every day, only qualifies as anecdotal evidence of a handful of disasters in these peoples eyes.

    So how many people need to be harmed by a false accusation for it to be considered a problem?

    I would say 11% is a decent size, and that is actually what we have.

    SAVE recently did a bit of a survey. Yes a bit over 1 in 10 people have been falsely accused of some form of domestic violence. Note that this is not specifically rape, or what percentage of claims are false rather what percentage of people have actually been accused of a domestic crime they did not commit.

    1 in 4 of the accused are men, and 70% of the accusers were women, and a bit less than half of the accusations are of a sexual nature. Everyone has blood on their hands as an accuser, and no one is safe from an accusation.

    1 in every 4 false accusations occurred during a divorce. This is not a surprise, if anyone is surprised by this; I think the shock is that it is sow low as 70% of alleged instances occur during a divorce after a lawyer has been seen. Along the same lines, the majority of the falsely accused are attacked for child abuse. I have a bone to pick with them, but I will get to that later.

    There is a disturbing ignorance in America, when less than half of Americans have heard of any form of false accusations. I was 15 when the Duke scandal occurred, I was not involved in menís rights at all, but I was well aware of the false accusation. I didnít know all the details, but with cases like that all over the media, I feel a sense of shame for the society I reside in. If a kid can hear about a case like that through the grapevine, then far ...
  10. When Chivalry Meets Rape: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

    by , 1st-June-2011 at 12:57 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    We all know the story, a woman claims she was raped and everyone panics. Hide your daughters theres a monster on the loose. Then the victim points out the man who raped her. Before you can tell a friend theyíve identified the monster people have already gathered their torches and pitchforks.

    The hunt has begun.

    Unfortunately, the lynch mob got things wrong. It was a false accusation, or there was someone misidentified. An innocent man has felt the sadistic wrath of society. Simply by being named, a man will face wrath and stigma that emerges. As a result someoneís life will be ruined.

    So where does this come from? Society is fairly rational, yet for some reason when we see someone identified as a rapist, we lose all common sense even if that person is mentally ill. Even when the person is a decent human being, it leads to their demise, and possibly being raped themselves. All this and more comes form societyís desire and role to protect women from the harsh outside world. Combine the chivalrous ideals, with the atrocity that is rape and society loses any sort of rationality.

    When we set up society, even with moderately chivalrous guidelines for social conduct, the response to crimes where women are the victims of men becomes increasingly violent. When we live by a chivalrous code, when a woman gets raped society fails.

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