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The Possible Human

  1. Awakening

    by , 30th-January-2012 at 09:02 PM

    Men come to the Men’s Rights Movement in different ways.

    For some, it’s a clap of thunder over your house in the dead of night. You are jolted from deep sleep to full consciousness in a heartbeat.

    Most of us come to the new reality by a slow process. If you will, jigsaw puzzles in the recesses of your mind.

    Time and experiences slowly click a piece at a time into place until the puzzle is complete and you begin to see the undeniable fact of how men are perceived and treated in Western society.

    In a dark corner of your mind exists an old black and white television, covered in dust on a shelf next to an old instruction manual for a CD player and a box labeled “Stuff to do later”.

    The TV has been there for years. It’s on and nothing much is seen on the screen except snow and flits of images that pass. The sound is turned down because it’s just a low hiss of white noise. You ignore the TV, nothing of interest is on. The wire clothes hanger antenna isn’t picking up much.

    Time goes by and life winds its course. Something happens to you at work or in your life that does not seem right. Perhaps you are out with some friends and see a man and woman arguing across the street. She knees him in the testicles and he drops to the ground in pain. All of you exclaim in unison “OOOoooooo” “Ouch!” Someone says: “What did he do to deserve that? The girls in your group giggle and point at the guy doubled over in pain.

    There’s an image on the old black and white TV, you glance over at it then look away. A feeling that something is not right about the situation swirls around in your mind, kicking up a bit of dust. You notice the TV set is much closer than it was previously.

    *Click* The puzzle has the first piece laid down.

    Life continues and the trials and tribulations of your existence move slowly forward. Situations happen ...

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