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  1. The Perfect woman

    , 7th-April-2012 at 08:04 PM
    A good article on Sonjaīs blog, where she analyzes Dr. Houseīs episode "Skin Deep", when Dr. House says,

    “The perfect woman, is a man.”

    Fairly enough analyzed indeed. Good job Sonja.

    Itīs like that rad feminists want in fact to be men, when they say they want equal rights. Penis envy and all that stuff, hun?...

    No offense to women, but women will never be men, or vice-versa.

    Women may not have perfect lives, and may be loaded with work, etc, but men donīt have perfect lives either. Much of the institutionalized norms as marriage, family, go against some basic traits of men, and married man subject themselves to it. Worst than some normal conflicts in marriage, is an over abusive wife, and an emasculated husband. Now thatīs an abomination.

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  2. The Perfect Man

    , 7th-April-2012 at 07:40 PM
    I found this poem on the web, and itīs like the perfect, hilarious wake up call to man-hating women:


    The perfect man is gentle
    Never cruel or mean
    He has a beautiful smile
    And keeps his face so clean.

    The perfect man likes children
    And will raise them by your side
    He will be a good father
    As well as a good husband to his bride.

    The perfect man loves cooking
    Cleaning and vacuuming too
    He'll do anything in his power
    To convey his feelings of love to you.

    The perfect man is sweet
    Writing poetry from your name
    He's a best friend to your mother
    And kisses away your pain.

    He never has made you cry
    Or hurt you in any way
    Oh, forget this stupid poem


    The perfect man is gay!!!!

    Itīs like that saying, "boys will be boys", otherwise, probably, you already know...

    P.s. Iīm actually gay, but that doesnīt mean I support womenīs delusions and flaws. In fact, Iīm all for men, as I am one myself.
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