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  1. An Androgyne's Musing's on Bigotry

    by , 29th-April-2011 at 09:13 PM (The Mind of Silentblood)
    I have been wondering about this lately. If someone had contempt for me because of my gender identity and sexual identity, would it be transphobia, misogyny, misandry, or homophobia/heterophobia? Could it be a mix of those?

    This is a problem that I have been struggling to conceptualize for a while but I think I can do it now. I see these attitudes as being the same and I believe it is hypocritical of anyone condemning one of these attitudes while actively indulging in one of the others.

    I believe all of these attitudes existed throughout history, and the current storm brewing over the western world, is just more of the same shit, that has always existed but they have been twisted in insidious ways.

    I believe people of all genders and sexual identities have been oppressed by a tiny fraction of the species. The better you fit in with the crowd the less you felt the oppression, but the oppression was still there. Current discourse on oppression revolves around a one-sided view of history and ignores that life wasn’t fair for a huge portion of the species.

    I take a similar view to Pelle Billing(his excellent blog is here.), people didn’t choose their roles, they adopted them to suit their environment. It wasn’t like men chose to be the ones who were expected to risk their lives for the sake of others, and it wasn’t like women chose to be the baby machines and homemakers, this was just an extension of the environment that existed in. Gender expectations are the source of all bigotry and discrimination.

    I accept that both sexes are diferent on some level, but I also accept that there’s a bit more to role that our innate differences. I seriously believe that most forms of bigotry based on sexual or gender is rooted in that same source-sexism. I argue that anyone seriously embracing any of these views are contemptous of some characteristic of either male or female sexuality, masculinity or femininity, or ...
    Tags: gender role, lgbt

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