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  1. Feminism not your mother’s equality.

    by , 30th-April-2011 at 02:15 PM (Misandry and Fathers)
    Feminism is feminism, at first glance it seems like it is simply a matter of both sexes having the same chance.
    Men and women usually agree on some form of equality.
    Feminism and misandry are not what they seem; it involves the destruction of family, focus solely on the individual (meopia), economic redistribution and supervision (of our children, our beds, and our income) of the individual by our governments. Feminism is wrapped around sexual deviance: procreation that mechanism by which we start a new generation, feminists seek to subvert.
    At AM, bibliographic citations, which may be rather bland to read have been entered so that we can find the resources for new information on being a father, being a man, where feminism and misandry came from and such things. Some AM mainstays are building sections on cooking or fixing your door, tuning your engine and so much more.
    We have got to get to the roots of the weeds. Let us say in 1930, it was a common complaint, by men, that their spouse had a headache again, let me translate this into a simple expression the poor guy was not going to get laid. 1930, 1950, ’60, ’70..2011 having sex, depending on what the women decided may be the highest form of Power and Control. I didn’t get my new shoes “I have a headache”, I want to go to the Pub tonight and if you don’t take me I fear a headache. You didn’t take out the garbage, I don’t feel like doing the dishes why don’t you do them lest I have a headache. Power and Control is not what we have come to imagine it.
    Feminists (not all women but feminists) have launched their attack strongly against DADs using the children as pawns. Divorced from their DADS children have been easiest to inculcate with a new philosophy. The result of the new philosophy, single mother homes, has its own set of problems which exposes the fallacies of this new social experiment. Children grow obese, don’t study as well, and are less happy without dear old DAD.
    So many ...

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