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  1. Men Do NOT owe Women a Living..

    by , 4th-December-2011 at 12:45 AM
    This may come as a shock to many but it is inevitably the case. We owe women a living like a forest owes the ground, we are not talking symbiosis here. Feminists rely on that false premise in order to make unreasonable demands and justify their disgusting behaviour..

    December 2, 2011


    The ontology of female supremacism

    I have concluded elsewhere that men as a group owe no special collective favor to women as a group, any more than Democrats as a group would owe any special collective favor to Republicans as a group. In view of the objective political situation of men in Western civilization, such is the only conclusion to which moral consistency would lend itself.
    However, I know that plenty of feminists would take issue upon this point. And being feminists, they can do no less. If they agreed with this way of thinking, they would no longer be feminists. And why? Because the entire feminist enterprise is constructed around the overarching and atmospherically all-pervading premise that men are the problem. This is so because feminism is a hate-fueled, anti-male, female-supremacist movement, and such a movement couldn’t possibly embrace the view that men and women are BOTH the problem. No, that wouldn’t work – it would bust their gearbox all to hell!
    The fruits of feminism bespeak an enterprise embued with the spirit of moral rapacity…

    If in fact men are the problem as feminism supposes, and consequently that women are not, then it would follow that men specifically are under some form of obligation which would translate as a debt owed to women. And such indeed summarizes the general wind that has wafted from the direction of feminism and spread widely into other quarters. That is why I say that the feminists would take issue with the
  2. A woman against feminism, and very for mens rights. Here is my story.

    by , 24th-November-2011 at 10:36 PM
    As I discover this website, I only find that my youtube video has been featured on this page. Men that have the same beliefs as I do. Some of my fellow women could understand me, but others say, why?

    My video came to explain the base reasons why I think feminism is not equality. I also described what I think of the man hating women out there, threw out some name calling and explained the difference between women's rights and feminism. And golly, the hate mail I've got and the threats I have received, and for all of the hate, why I am I still sticking up for men?

    It's pretty eventful for me to explain. I am 20 years old, I live in a very diverse town in Olympia, Washington state. The state capital. We have many communities, we've got the gays, Jewish, the hippies, the anarchists, a town full of hipsters, the Asian tourists and transfer students, so diverse that there's not one group or community we don't have.

    About two years ago I joined a free Choir, most of the members were very hippy ish, all really nice, but with one small problem.... We had some very controlling feminists.

    Controlling as in, every one of our prints of lyrics off the internet, HAD to be removed of words such as Man, Men, Boy, Boys, to fit the feminists beliefs.

    So say we were singing "The Man of Constant Sorrow" from the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou, we were practically singing "I am the woman, or the one of constant sorrow"

    Certainly, we had men in our choir, but dare any of the men would complain, they would get a serious speaking to after choir.

    Not only on top of that, very serious stories about the abuse of Domestic Violence and rape from women that goes unheard of because of the discriminatory law system that we really have.

    I had 2 friends, that were males, that were very young, but had similar stories due to what feminism has brought men in the law system. ...

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