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  1. When will it end?

    by , 16th-July-2008 at 11:07 PM
    I have read many very well written texts on how and when the current anti-male sentiments began.

    Many of them make excellent sense. Some of them are a bit over my head, so I have trouble following them. Okay, I'm just an old country boy with an odd history, so I don't worry too much about the ones I couldn't understand. Others did and that's all that counts.

    However, today I had an odd thought.

    When will it end? When will the anti-male attacks stop? HOW will they stop?

    What does it take to make the government see that what they are doing is destroying the future of Humanity?

    One on one I have had excellent progress explaining my views to various women and men. I have been rather surprised on numerous occasions at how receptive most women are to our plight.

    Sometimes I am perplexed by the attitudes of my fellow men. Some of them seem rather dismissal of the whole problem.

    I know it's either because they are fooled by the media into thinking like the Feminists want, or they just haven't been hit upside the head with the problem, yet.

    I just began to wonder when and under what conditions the anti-male poison was going to come to an end.

    Rhetoric pendulums between effective and non-effective.

    Violence seems to be the only thing that has long term effects. But often it hurts those men who are still asleep the most, because they aren't prepared for the media backlash like we try to be.

    Pouring money into programs for men and media campaigns doesn't seem to be working well enough. I hope I am wrong about that. But it often seems like throwing money down a deep well. You can't even hear it hit the water.

    Would something BIG and LOUD with LOTS of media attention do the trick?

    WHAT could possibly qualify to do that? And still not cause excessive backlash afterward?

    How soon before it will be too late? ...
  2. Some women do not like Feminism

    by , 15th-July-2008 at 10:54 PM
    Some women do not like Feminism.

    Yeah. That came as a surprise to me as well.

    I have several examples but the most recent and the oddest is this.

    I know some of you will have a problem with this but I belong to a Wiccan coven.

    And before you go judging it you should research it fully. It's NOT what popular movies and media make it out to be.

    In fact, many of the higher people in Wicca are men.

    Recently a woman joined our group and began spouting anti male rhetoric. I got justifiably upset and asked if this is how everyone in the group felt about men and was I even in the right group. I even brought up the differences between misogyny and misandry. I was quite vocal and eloquent if I may brag on myself.

    Several women (including the woman in charge of the group) said, no that is NOT how they feel about men. That the Universe should be balanced and that includes a balance between men and women.

    THEN the woman was immediately ejected from the group.

    I even had several women thank me for saying something. They felt uncomfortable saying anything to this person.

    So it would appear that some (dare I say many?) women do not like Feminism.

    What does this mean for the future? I can't be sure. I just thought it was an interesting event that needed reporting.

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