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  1. New Legislation will Assure All Women..

    by , 19th-December-2011 at 01:43 PM
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    New Legislation will Assure All Women..

    The following bills were introduced by the Femocrat party in an emergency session of the house of representatives today –

    The Presumption of Future Divorce Act.

    Marriage law is now changed such that signing the marriage certificate brings forward the wholesale transfer of assets from husband to wife that more usually takes place upon the future divorce. The new Presumption of Future Divorce Act states that in order to make any future divorce more efficient, men must transfer all bank accounts, businesses and property into the wife’s name on signing of the marriage certificate. It is hoped that this new legislation will bring down the cost and stress of divorce and allow women full control of her husbands assets immediately, without the extended delays common with the divorce process.
    Businesses celebrated the new law by offering all newly-wed women a special pampering weekend for only $5000 (specially reduced from $5100) and an unlimited line of credit at fashion stores. They said the take up of the offers has been phenomenal. One newly married woman exclaimed: ”I could never have afforded this without this great change in the law. My husband would never spend like this and the financial freedom I now enjoy can only strengthen our marriage.” When asked, husbands-to-be shrugged and cited that it was not something that bothered them because: “divorce is something that happens to other people, and in any event, my wife is not like that.”

    The DNA Contributors Act.

    Government today formalized what has always been unofficially practiced and enforced by the family court and stripped all fathers of legally presumed parental rights. The new law means that all fathers are now officially renamed DNA Contributors and their

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