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  1. Defining Antifeminism

    by , 14th-December-2010 at 05:31 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Antifeminism is a dirty little word used by a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. So, it is hard to define. I figured I would at least give it a try. I came up with three main forms antifeminism. Some of them I am behind, some of them I am not. I would also like to point out sometimes they overlap with eachother (especially A&B or B&C)

    Antifeminism type A: Disagrees with feminist methodology, some of its goals and aims and prefers an alternate path. This may be for a variety of reasons. It could be they find more harm than good in feminism and its methodology for men or for women. It may be they just don’t work well with feminists, or find that feminists priorities regarding gender issues don’t match up with their own. This is used by people who are not strongly into gender issues and have not done an extensive amount of research. This is used by the more liberal and moderate MRAs, rarely will you see a feminist acknowledge this as a type of antifeminism.

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  2. Book Review: Women First, Men Last

    by , 9th-December-2010 at 04:18 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Women First, Men Last by Steve Adams is a Kindle-only book that can be purchased on Amazon for 3.99. Its short, and comes at a low budget which are some of its strengths and its weakness. It gets straight to the point, but there are points that lack development and could use a bit more depth.

    To be honest, parts of it feel rather Fox News-ish, where it almost goes on as a rant, claiming liberals rely on “victim politics” (yes the race card is played but no one in the political world is above using it), liberal media propaganda etc. It would be easier to take it seriously if it didn’t go into the swamps of how liberals (who are all apparently feminists, except myself) have some social engineering plan based for the dominance of women. Not feminists behind this, but liberals. I rolled my eyes in the beginning, but by the end this pissed me off.

    The information provided in the beginning regarding the rise and structure of feminism tends to not be sourced. This is problematic if you are fairly new to the issues, or are looking to do further research, however if you are more familiar with the issues most of this will come as no surprise or as nothing new to you. As you move further into the book, you will however, see more cited research.

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  3. UK: What is your council doing about DV shelters - draft FOI letter

    by , 8th-December-2010 at 02:20 AM
    I have prepared a draft letter for anyone who wants to use it to find out what their local council is doing about shelters. Such shelters are needed for victims of domestic violence and yet there are very few available for men.

    Shelters for domestic violence are primarily provided under requirements to care for the homeless (which do not require someone to not to have a home). Although the homeless laws differ in Scotland, the need for men to be included in the help for domestic violence is probably greater there for action than anywhere else and I have made efforts to ensure this letter is applicable there. As far as I know, this letter is appropriate anywhere in the United Kingdom.

    As we are not a formal member-based organisation, it is up to you to decide if care about this issue and whether you are willing to find out what your council is doing. For those unfamiliar with the processes involved in such dealings with your local civil servants, this could be useful but if you want to amend the request, or add to it, that is obviously entirely in your hands.

    Please note
    Before using this letter for your local council, please check the comments - there is no point sending lots of the same letters to the same council if one person writing is willing to share the result. If you are willing to share the result, please provide the name of the council in a comment.
    This is a draft letter applying for information under the Freedom of Information Act that you can use to try finding out what your council is doing. It specifically seeks information that could reveal gender discrimination and victim gagging. Only send ONE request and only to your own local council. If you don't hear back in about 28 days, send a chasing letter including your original correspondence but still only as a single request.
    This is not a political letter. You are not addressing a politician. You do not have a right to anything which is not recorded,

    Updated 8th-December-2010 at 02:34 PM by Douglas (Formatting and added guidance for e-mail.)

    Fathers , Feminism
  4. Affirmative Action: The Ideal vs The Real

    by , 7th-December-2010 at 02:29 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Okay, time for a sociology 101 lecture: ideal culture is your utopian, how things should work social rules etc that we all want. The real is how things end up working in reality.

    In regards to the struggle for fairness, this qualifies as the pushing one group forward category-however this is a unique concept because once applied to reality it also pushes other groups back not to the point of a level playing field, but in reality it reverses the playing field itself.

    The ideal aspect of affirmative action is that minority groups were at a disadvantage due to prejudice, socioeconomic status, etc. Note this doesn’t necessarily mean not white-the Irish had it rather rough when they originally came to America, and would qualify (Along with their failed union the Knights of St. Crispin-but that’s a totally different topic) so with a disadvantage, grants, scholarships, etc would be beneficial to create diversity. In theory, in fields of education and business, this is a good thing. This makes sense-pushing the disadvantaged forward for whatever reason.

    However we live in a real culture. What it does is it often pushes people up without merit and can lead to “preferential treatment” of any minority group to the point where there are quotas in the workforce-a forced diversity under the disguise of political correctness. As a result we see other groups getting pushed back, while unintentional in most cases (simply by the numbers game) that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen and that doesn’t make it less wrong-especially when they do nothing to fix it.

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  5. Why many women think they are feminists -- and why they are wrong.

    by , 6th-December-2010 at 12:21 AM
    Conflicting statements

    It is not unusual to encounter a woman who will say "I'm a feminist" or "I believe in feminism" even when she then declares that she:
    ♦ believes equality is a good thing to aim for;
    ♦ disagrees with 'extremist' feminists;
    ♦ thinks men get a hard deal in some areas;
    ♦ wants to be a mother and perhaps even be given the choice to be a housewife;
    ♦ actually likes men.

    As people trying to get a fair deal for men and stop society's increasing misandrist leanings, we should not alienate such women. I will show here that mostly they are not feminists and they need to understand that there is a greater divide between ordinary women and feminists than there is between ordinary women and non-misogynistic men.

    I believe the pool of women that could be on the side of the anti-misandrist is far greater than the total number of women and men who are misandrist.

    So, why do so many women think they are feminist?

    For a start, they are female. The root word to female, feminine, and feminist is the Latin fēmella. They all have the same kind of sound. They are all connected. If one thinks of oneself as female then by default one associates feminine with oneself. If one thinks of oneself as female then by default one associates feminist with oneself.

    Most of us were taught in school that "the suffragettes" achieved equal voting rights for women. As an overall impression, most people hold that the suffragettes are (pretty much) synonymous with the feminist movement and that the suffragettes got women the vote. So therefore, from a gut reaction, to be against feminism is to be against equal voting rights for women and all other forms of equality.

    Lastly, there is the simple belief that feminism has done some good for women. There are now equal pay laws; there's maternity pay; there is recognition of and support for battered women; ...

    Updated 14th-June-2012 at 07:05 AM by Douglas

  6. Prostate Cancer Vaccine May Cost You Everything Have

    by , 30th-November-2010 at 04:52 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    There is a vaccine for prostate cancer! Guess what, it also costs $93,000, also it only expands your life for about four months, but hey it’s a start! Four months is still greater than no months, and the average amount of time other procedures expand one’s life are two months, so its beating everything else.

    This means its not really a vaccine in the traditional sense, as it doesn’t prevent cancer from developing, but rather undoes the damage. Its designed for those who already have cancer.

    However the average American makes less than 50k a year. It takes 2 years of paying for nothing else to cover the cost of the vaccine to only live to make another $13,000 a year.

    So we see its not a cost-effective treatment. Debate has appeared in the government and insurance companies if this should be covered by government involved health programs (Medicare, Medicaid, and maybe one day universal healthcare). Because its a lot of money for not a lot of time. We don’t want the government preventing certain types of diseases and not others, and we know that if this was breast cancer, its safe to assume it would have been subsidized already.

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  7. Creating a Stable Post-Military Economy (With guest star Bmiricle!)

    by , 24th-November-2010 at 03:58 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    When I talked about who suffered the most after leaving the military, I came to the conclusion that because we are putting people who are physically/mentally less capable into a bad situation we are making people less stable workers after the military. More and more end up homeless, addicts, and committing suicide as they have lost their place within society, and are in need of great deals of help. One thing which they need help with is job placement. While I do not want to break down people to simply producers, when looking only at economics you have to be a bit more stern.

    So what do we do?

    Well the first things are the simplest and most straightforward. These are the things that simply create more jobs in general. Particularly bring manufacturing back to the US, and get rid of this tax cut crap for companies that ship the majority of their production overseas.

    The second, which isn’t even about economics, but human decency is stop going to war. Cut back military contract funding and make it less profitable to send guns a blazing across the seas. If we don’t send them off, then they don’t suffer. I think we can all agree this is the best option.

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  8. Is the Era of the “Dumb Dad” Ending?

    by , 18th-November-2010 at 04:28 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    There are a lot of sitcoms based on families out there. And a lot of them have a common theme: Dumb, incompetent dads who are always failing at what they do with their family and go unappreciated (despite their hard work to provide) are paired up with strong, smart mothers who have no trouble flaunting this power and then go behind their husbands back and lie to them often about finances as well as other things. At the end of the day, the man is always the butt of the joke.

    In the past few years some of the biggies have been taken off the air. Everybody Loves Raymond, the King of Queens, According to Jim, The Bill Engval Show, and Yes, Dear, (focusing on two families for the double whammy) have all been cancelled in the fairly recent years.

    Regardless the Simpsons (Which I admit to loving) is till on and somehow Family Guy is still liked.

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  9. Ignorance Vs Skepticism: Dancing with the Truth

    by , 15th-November-2010 at 04:02 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    There seems to be some sort of theory that we are crazy and ignore domestic violence and deny that rape occurs.

    I think we all know it rape/DV occurs, but our beliefs are rather clear. To put it simply, our argument is that the media blows actual rapes and domestic violence out of proportion and ignores most false rape accusations, with the exception of the most extreme cases (Duke Lacrosse), or the occasional token case to appear neutral.

    The response is: A false accusation is not a serious crime, we are trivializing true victims, and we are “rape sympathizers” (whatever that means), encourage the beating of women, or we simply don’t care about actual victims.

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  10. Gender Based Self Assessment and Entrepreneurship

    by , 11th-November-2010 at 04:35 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Yup I’m pulling the old ASA card again :P. This free piece is called Gender and Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice: Do Self-assessments of Ability Matter? Lengthy, I know but the main premise is this: gender roles relating to our identity determine our confidence and knowledge when we plan and decide to start a business or not. It is an interesting concept, little has been done to see how much our gender identities psychologically affect us in these manners. Of course it all sounds like feminist bullshit, and a big part of it is in the beginning, as they argue that male traits are seen as more superior for running a business. (no point in lying) but its not all crap. Lets cut out the feminist aspects, and take a deeper look.

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