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  1. Asatru, Morality, and Gender Politics

    by , 18th-February-2011 at 08:29 PM (Musings of a Pro-Human Woman)
    (Serious Note: Now please bear in mind that I am personally a tribalist(I am not folkish) and I don't share many of Stephen McNallen's viewpoints regarding other forms of paganism and I am a supporter of Heathens against Hate, also understand that this post is going to be harsh and critical of our society that we allow for ourselves)

    I have decided to post about this in relation to my politics because it seems to be very misunderstood. While I certainly respect Stephen McNallen's organization, the Asatru Folk Assembly, and many of it's values, I also disagree with many of McNallen's views of other pagans and his politics.

    I find it neccesary to mention that at many times I feel that my personal politics go against many morals I am supposed to teach and promote to my Kindred and society at large. nderstandably, I am in a difficult position in the context of gender politics, I have to make stands in the areas that I think moral ground is at stake. I have to stick to my convictions and promote what I think is right, no matter what the majority tells me. Undoubtedly, this is a very difficult prospect. In this way, I emulate Nanna, the wife of Balder, who epitomizes feminine courage. Nanna died because of the heartbreak and love she felt for Balder after he died. Just imagine if we had even a fraction of that love for our partners, we would live in a much happier world.

    I remember the fiasco on the Wild Hunt, after McNallen rebutted an Alternative Right article, here's the deal, I have no problem with people finding truth on their own since I'm all blind men and a elephant on spiritual matters, what is insulting is when some people try to dictate that a spiritual movement is bigoted with no REAL evidence. Just because I worship gods and goddesses and promote alternative alternative lifestyle choices does not make me bigoted towards men, normal heterosexuality, or masculinity, in fact I don't feel threatened at all by normal men or ...
    Tags: culture
  2. A Rose Has Been Planted

    by , 17th-February-2011 at 05:39 PM (Musings of a Pro-Human Woman)
    Clarisse Thorn has written a very good post on her blog. Even though I disagree with many of her ideas, the core of the message was clear, and is exactly the kind of thinking we need in the blogosphere. You may recall my recent prediction in this post, I have very mixed feelings about the state of things and I am not entirely sure that we are able fix it.

    Individuals bear responsibility, but culture affects these things too.
    That is the core of this post, this makes sense, who'd really argue that, feminist or MRA alike? It's like this Yahoo Question here, why do we try to put the blame on the opposite sex? It is neither the fault of men OR women for the state of things. This answer seems to make a lot of sense regarding this topic:

    Sorry, it's tempting to think that, and plenty of people do, but it's inaccurate.

    It is quite possible for there to be social patterns and arrangements that can be genuine barriers for most people affected by them.

    For example, people sometimes say, "If Booker T. Washington could overcome racism and become as successful and accomplished as he did, why didn't all blacks of his era (or today for that matter)?"

    These folks want to see the exception (Washington, and his exceptionality) rather than the rule. And blame anyone who didn't achieve what Washington for their lack of success, rather than to see the institutionalized racism that exists then, and the forms it takes now.

    It's the same with sexism. It's tempting to believe every woman can do and be anything because of what some women are achieving. However, that's overlooking the very real discrimination and institutionalized sexism that make it much harder for women to, for example, get into the highest levels of polital office at the same rates as men, let alone the Presidency of the U.S. Of course, there are women working toward those goals. But acknowledging those barriers or obstacle courses
    Tags: sexism
    Feminism , Political Issues
  3. How to keep a woman happy

    by , 16th-February-2011 at 06:26 PM
    [QUOTE=nickb275;247366][B][COLOR=#215868]How to keep a woman happy.... Priceless![/COLOR][/B]


    [B][COLOR=black]It's not difficult to make a woman happy.[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=black] [B]A man only needs to be:[/B] [/COLOR]

    1. A friend
    2. A companion
    3. A lover
    4. A brother
    5. A father
    6. A master
    7. A chef
    8. An electrician
    9. A carpenter
    10. A plumber
    11. A mechanic
    12. A decorator
    13. A stylist
    14. A sexologist
    15. A gynecologist
    16. A psychologist
    17. A pest exterminator
    18. A psychiatrist
    19. A healer
    20. A good listener
    21. An organizer
    22. A good father
    23. Very clean
    24. Sympathetic
    25. Athletic
    26. Warm
    27. Attentive
    28. Gallant
    29. Intelligent
    30. Funny
    31. Creative
    32. Tender
    33. Strong
    34. Understanding
    35. Tolerant
    36. Prudent
    37. Ambitious
    38. Capable
    39. Courageous
    40. Determined
    41. True
    42. Dependable
    43. Passionate
    44. Compassionate[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=maroon]


    45. Give her [/COLOR][/B][B]regular [COLOR=black]compliments
    46. Love shopping
    47. Be honest/yet indulgent*(see percy)
    48. Be very rich
    49. Not stress her out
    50. Not ...
  4. The Power of a Quote

    by , 15th-February-2011 at 08:29 PM (Musings of a Pro-Human Woman)
    Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.-Oscar Wilde
    I found this quote today, and I have put it in my signature in the forums I visit. This statement seems accurate especially now when both men and women are drifting further and further apart, instead of together. Why can't we be friends? I'd like to think that men and women can be friends, but when there's a "war of the sexes" and rampant institutionalized misandry which is fueling a certain misogynistic shift in male perception of women, it seems difficult that both sexes can be friends instead of enemies.

    Perhaps, it's a bit of idealism on my part but, I think we can come to an understanding of each other despite the "war of the sexes" that is raged on between the manosphere and femisphere. When I found Oscar Wilde's quote I was pained to see the harsh reality of the current situation. That harsh reality is unknown to most MRAs and most feminists of any stripe.

    Or maybe, it's because I am incapable of genuine hate towards others, I might dislike certain actions, but I can't bring myself to rage at others despite their choices. I am pregnant and I wish for my child to grow up in a world where there isn't hate or some ominous gap between people regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or philosophy. But...that will never happen, there will always be hate, and my husband and I have a responsibility to raise my coming child in a way that is moral and just, despite that.

    While in the blogosphere the war rages on, the rest of the world goes on drudging through the day. Eventually, everyone will drink the blood of this war, it will be terrible, and we all will suffer for it. I dread the inevitable outcome of this reality, but, I also believe we can reverse this before it's too late, or I'd like to think we can. We must correct this for our golden sons and daughters, ...
    Tags: hate
  5. Good Role Models

    by , 14th-February-2011 at 09:59 PM (Musings of a Pro-Human Woman)
    As a straight edge woman, I'd like to think that I would be a good role model for other young women, and my straight edge husband would make a good role model for young men. Yes, I like hardcore music and my casual dress(professionally is another matter, I actually wear boring clothing) is gothic punk in style and my husband dresses in primarily goth clothing like bondage pants or tripp pants, but we are clean and free of drugs and alcohol, and we both support animal rights, but we are not vegetarians or the psychos that you see in the news and TV.

    But, there is more to being a good role model than being straight edge, it involves having good morals as well. We both try to be good people regardless of how hard it is to do sometimes. Other's might not apporove of the choices my husband and I made, but we are happy and confident in being who we are, to me that is the mark of a good role model. A stay at home husband or wife can be an excellent role model for their children, and others' children, just as a provider(man or woman) can be an excellent role-model as well.

    My husband is honest about who he is, what he stands for, and will fight anything he opposes or finds wicked. He is, in my opinion, a wonderful example of a human being. He has made mistakes in the past and has worked hard to fix and correct those mistakes and lives a strict straight edge lifestyle. As for me, I have never touched drugs or alcohol, and I have always advocated for animal rights. But, I'm not wholly innocent. I have made mistakes in my life too, but I've grown up and live as a much better person. I do not claim to be perfect, and sometimes it's really hard not to stick my nose up at someone, but I honestly try to be empathetic to everyone.

    Thank you all for your tme. In frith.

    Originally posted on:

    Updated 14th-February-2011 at 10:32 PM by Lady Catherine (forgot link to my personal blog)

    Tags: empowerment
  6. Woman Only Places? Man Only Places? What Transphobia?

    by , 12th-February-2011 at 09:01 PM (Musings of a Pro-Human Woman)
    In the femisphere lately especially I Blame the Patriarchy, Radical Pro-Feminist, and Feministe, all seem to target the issue of woman only spaces, and then I got to wondering about man only spaces(if they ever come into being).

    The problem historically with such places is that they usually exclude trans-women and I'd imagine the same would happen at man only spaces that trans-men would be excluded from that space. For once, I think Twisty got it right, if a space is woman only, than it should include trans-women as well. Period. But what about the man only spaces? Would these places exclude trans men as well? I hope not. These people are men now, they have the equipment and identify as men, I see no reason to exclude them.

    Julian Real's arguments were predictable:

    So what's going on now is that people--mostly gender liberals and gender conservatives, mostly NON-trans people, are rushing the gates of women raised as girls' [lack of] rights to define, defend, protect, and empower themselves. The gate-rushers (is there even a gate?) do so to defend the rights of those who have had or still have male privilege. These pro-male voices are flooding liberal spaces DEMANDING that women raised as girls MUST ACCOMMODATE AND ACCEPT some or all male-privileged people as only women in WOMEN-ONLY SPACES. Do women raised as girls get to be treated as ONLY HUMAN ever (and not as gendered at all)? Do women raised as girls have the social privileges, entitlements, and power to tell everyone else "who I am REALLY"? No. Not so much. But some Western radical feminists, often but not always lesbian-identified would like to think that might be possible to both define and defend such spaces, now that male supremacy and male domination of women has been challenged in the West for at least forty years.

    What horseshit! Transphobia at it's best. These people have lost quite a bit of "privilege" becoming female.
    This whole
  7. Frequently Asked Questions about me

    by , 12th-February-2011 at 08:56 PM (Musings of a Pro-Human Woman)
    Thought my new page would make a good blog post too. :-)
    What are you?
    I am an ifeminist and MRA(male rights activist), I believe both sexes face problems in different ways.
    What do you mean, men have all the rights!?!
    Wrong. Men have many issues that affect them.
    Well...then...what are your stances on women issues?
    This sums up my opinions on female issues. And then there's this.
    Do you have any other political views?
    I am a minarchist and a member of the Libertarian Party in the United States. I support this platform, for the most part.
    Why are you so invested in men's issues?
    I have a strong desire for a libertarian and equitable society, oppressing men does not make for a libertarian society.
    Why are you so open about your relationship with your husband?
    The relationship I share with my husband colors how I see things regarding the issues. Being married to a former victim of domestic violence in a similar environment has opened my eyes to the misandry tolerated in society.
    But isn't it sexist to be actively involved in that?
    No! D/s and BDSM is NOT sexist! I don't tolerate sexism in any form. When people get together at play parties or live in such a lifestyle they do it to satisfy their romantic and sexual needs. But make no mistake, there are sexist people who use kink to hide their own sexism.
    You are a "gythia"...?
    Yes. I am a gythia or priestess and I am a follower of the Norse.
    Does your religion influence your politics?
    Yes. It led me to libertarianism
    Originally posted on:
    (Note: I forgot to cross post this post here, my next one will be up shortly)

    Updated 12th-February-2011 at 09:02 PM by Lady Catherine

  8. Advertising, Evil, Business and You (Revamped!)

    by , 11th-February-2011 at 07:53 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    I am going through the process of revamping some of my older blog posts. Here is Advertising, Evil, Business and You

    it recently came to my attention that women’s and men’s health care products are the same when it comes to components and are only different in packaging, also mentioned was that the wage gap is also in effect that women make 80 cents to the dollar making things even worse! Now that’s bullshit and I have gone into why, and ill do you one better here’s the most recent study…its 95 pages, read it if you like or take my word.

    But why do they charge more? One claim is that it costs more to make advertisements for women, maybe but it really doesn’t matter. When we make purchases we vote, women are willing to pay more for the same product. I am not going to go into stereotypes, but there is a chance they don’t know there is a difference and if there is and they figure out there is no difference beyond cost then women are going to start buying the men’s products and the price of those for women will go down. Im not saying its right, im saying its business, if you can make the money without doing anything illegal you are going to do it! Very few people wouldn’t. If women are willing to pay more, then women are going to pay more…not much to it.

    Then there is the concept of advertising. I read an article for my globalization class on advertising and how it reflects stereotypes. Not a surprise, I think everyone knows that, however its main point of the article was that it reinforces stereotypes and keeps us stuck in them. I don’t think its entirely true, I think that we fit the stereotypes first, and that the ads may help reinforce them.

    The rest is here...
  9. Truth, and what it is

    by , 11th-February-2011 at 06:12 PM
    This is a quote from me, somebody asked me to put it in a blog. So here you go:

    [SIZE=3][I]These feminists believe that men have some "privilege"; they BELIEVE this, and thus it is absolutely TRUE. However, that does not make it fact.

    I think we will all come to a better place when we realize that there is a fundamental difference between "truth" and "fact".

    2 + 2 = 4. This is a fact. Fact implies what something is.

    I am God. I can levitate, I can bend the laws of space and time to my whim, and I can come through your monitor right now and drag you into the Internet. I don't because I choose not to. I do not need to provide proof of my claims to you; the only thing I need from you is BELIEF, and BELIEF automatically makes it TRUE. There are no such things as lies, only lesser and greater truths, the greatness of which is determined by the sum of each truth's collective believers. TRUTH implies BELIEF, and if something is BELIEVED, then it is a TRUTH. Truth implies what something is PERCEIVED as being, which is why it is SO EASY to makes those who think primarily with PERCEPTION to believe in a TRUTH that is based upon a BELIEF that is made from a PERCEPTION.

    The beauty here is that a PERCEPTION can be warped to suit your own needs. That's how society has ended up where it is; a small group of elitists who have warped the collective PERCEPTION of the people. All you must do is get at least one believer, and you are set. An idea spreads like a virus.

    We will only win this debate when our "truth" is greater than theirs.[/I][/SIZE]
  10. I chatted with someone

    by , 11th-February-2011 at 12:15 AM (Musings of a Pro-Human Woman)
    dizzy_bint: hi(15:42)
    Me: hello?(15:43)
    dizzy_bint: hi whats up(15:43)
    Me: nothing much...(15:44)
    dizzy_bint: is this place for real?(15:44)
    dizzy_bint: are you a woman it says Lady Catherine(15:45)
    Me: yes, I'm a woman(15:46)
    dizzy_bint: this is no place for a lady(15:45)
    dizzy_bint: this site has to be a joke?(15:46)
    Me: There are some misogynists and assholes on this site, they are angry at the misandry affecting men, I don't talk to the misogynists and this site isn't a joke, it's an advocacy site for male rights(15:49)
    dizzy_bint: male rights? they already have all the rights(15:50)
    Me: Wrong. Men have virtually no reproductive rights, are the targets of domestic violence(fun fact: there are hardly any services for male victims), fathers don't have an equal chance in gaining custody, men aren't portrayed well by the media and that's not all the icing on the cake.(15:56)
    dizzy_bint: no reproductive rights??? what a load of rubbish r u sure your a woman(16:12)
    dizzy_bint: when they have to give birth then they can have some rights(16:13)
    dizzy_bint: they don't gain custody because they don't want it normally(16:13)
    Me: Yes, I am a woman. Do men have a pill, can they choose to drop their parental rights at a drop of a hat...? and fathers do want their kids. Why do you think there is Fathers4Justice in the UK and Father's and Families in the US?(16:15)
    dizzy_bint: parental rights?? lol most of them run of when given half a chance..(16:16)
    dizzy_bint: I know fathers4justice I was on one of their protests.. they left me to look after the kid..(16:17)
    Me: Wrong. Many of them are forcibly removed from their children's lives. I suggest you take a look at the why are we here subforum.(16:18)
    Me: And I never been to a father's rights protest so...yeah...(16:19)
    dizzy_bint: most of them can't be bothered to look after kids.. its their own fault if courts ...

    Updated 11th-February-2011 at 12:18 AM by Lady Catherine (fixed title and added blog link)

    Tags: misandry
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