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  1. Field Hockey is the Battle Ground of Title IX Hypocrisy

    by , 29th-April-2011 at 03:28 PM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Every so often you find an article like this, or more recently this one showed up. Guys like to play field hockey and other sports that tend to be female dominated! I know, it’s shocking, people who are athletic like to play all sorts of sports, even the ones you don’t expect them to, and some people only like those sports-who knew? It also is the high point of feminist hypocrisy. As I have said before, reality cannot work in one direction. And field hockey is a perfect example.

    If you want to say you cannot discriminate based on gender (if you do not hold up talent wise it is a different story), I have no real problem with that. However if we are really bent on breaking down gender roles it cannot be about gender pride. We can’t flaunt the fact that men are more athletic and better at sports when a small group of men take control of a field hockey game from time to time. We can’t scream (or boo) the idea of “girl power” when we have a girl who becomes a football player. By doing this, you only create more of a divide, instead of normalizing the idea of acceptance of one gender in the other’s traditional spaces.

    When it comes to activism breaking roles in groups, humor, and many other things I have a firm belief:

    If you dish it out you have to be willing to take it.

    More here...

    And my facebook page
  2. Grey Beards

    by , 28th-April-2011 at 08:45 AM (Misandry and Fathers)
    It is a manly thing when the Grey Beards look out for their younger brothers. Grey Beards from Shakespeare, Grey Beards today, the manly thing is older dudes paving the way…
    …for the young dudes who are following behind.
    The age of enlightenment was a long time ago, that though was the birth of feminism. Most think, currently at any rate, of feminism as the radical variety that began circa 1960.
    We are at least two generations into an experiment badly gone wrong. There are mates, even here at AM, who tell each other to piss off for mentioning studies or literature. We can be part of the solution or part of the problem: the choice is ours to make.
    If we bemoan our current situation, we could curse the men who went before us, who allowed things to turn out this way…
    …and yet…
    …if we are doing no better, to remove oppressive conditions, we have no one to thank but ourselves and so too, will our younger brothers, who through studies and literature will know we knew the way.
    Communism and socialism make for great repartee, the problem though with those failed experiments political in nature but dealing with the economy, that make for the great repartee: is spinning our wheels in ruts made by others, which occasionally we chose to drive on none the less.
    Your Father or Grandfather or your Uncle and mine as well, went through hell in great world wars to prevent our oppression by failed ideologies.
    We did not declare the war this time around I should think it was the women who put upon our ground. Tis true since the start there have been a few who refused to abandon the front lines. As in the world wars when some nations collaborated with their oppressors there are some of us who so do now.
    When you get off the pitch after rugging a bit, there are glad tidings all around, there may some bumps, a few lacerations, nobody is whining in their beer.
    It seems fair to offer the observation there are more than a couple ...
  3. 10 Basic Sex Rights and Some Thoughts

    by , 27th-April-2011 at 10:58 PM (Musings of a Pro-Human Woman)
    1. The freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy, or desire. Everyone is entitled to his or her private thoughts, no matter how bizarre they may seem to someone else.
    2. The right to sexual entertainment, freely available in the marketplace, including sexually explicit materials dealing with the full range of sexual behavior. If you want to watch pornography, read smutty magazines, or patronize sex-workers (strippers, prostitutes, etc.), you can do so without stigma.
    3. The right not to be exposed to sexual material or behavior. If you do not want to be exposed to pornography or sex-workers, you should not be forced to come in contact with them.
    4. The right to sexual self-determination. This means you may do as you wish with your body, sexually speaking. You can be celibate if you choose; you can sleep around; you may masturbate or you may abstain from all gratification. In other words, it is up to you to make the choices that feel morally right for you, without persecution from others.
    5. The right to seek out and engage in consensual sexual activity. This means you can sleep with consenting partners.
    6. The right to engage in sexual acts or activities of any kind whatsoever, providing they do not involve nonconsensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion, or fraud.All types of sex are acceptable as long as both people involved give their informed mutual consent. Using force or lying to get sex is wrong.
    7. The right to be free of persecution, condemnation, discrimination, or social intervention in private sexual behavior.Gays, lesbians, sadomasochists, fetishists, swingers, transgenderists, bisexuals, polyamorists, and all other sexual minorities should be free to pursue their sexual needs without being hassled or shut out of society.
    8. The recognition by society that every person, partnered or unpartnered, has the right to the pursuit of a satisfying consensual sociosexual life free from political, legal, or religious interference and that there need to be mechanisms in

    Updated 28th-April-2011 at 02:32 AM by Lady Catherine (added disclaimer)

    Legal Matters
  4. How to Stop Porn Addiction

    by , 27th-April-2011 at 07:14 PM
    Quote Quote from Richard View Post
    On a humours and serious note:

    I have no porn addiction. I mean I download porn and have no problem - there is still plenty of space on my 1TB hard disc.

    Well, actually, I download, watch once or twice, and then delete - so where's my addiction? If I was watching the same film over and over again then we could say there is some kind of problem.

    But why is PORN seen as an evil addiction? I mean, if you watch ROMANCE/ROMANTIC films we dont talk about an addiction or that fact this might be "emotional" porn (for women).

    Hell, if you watch horror films, you still are not regarded as having an addiction - and to be honest if one guy told me he was watching pron regularly, and another was into horror films on the same scale I know which of the two men I would avoid.

    Again, we soon reach the issue of double standards - women ar now "gaining respetability" sleeping around - for example see Dossie's book "The Ethical Slut" (I have a pdf copy if you want it) - is that regarded as an sex addiction? Nope, but if you are guy and it was written by a guy, it would be regarded as a book by addicts for addicts.

    I know! Maybe I've got Porn ADHD since I download a porn film, only watch it a couple of times (and I always skip to the best bits!), I guess I've got Porn ADHD. Hey, maybe I can get some social welfare benefit so I would be able to enjoy the whole two hours of the films?

    Seriously, all this porn addiction stuff its bullshit. Its part of your western-purtain/protestant heritage. Sorry to dron on about Poland, but over there, its perfectly respectable to go to hooker, etc. If your men friends see you are "going off the edge a bit" they tell you straight to go get some "therapy" and offer a phone number or two. And it works!
  5. Whats up with peer reviewed empirical research

    by , 27th-April-2011 at 03:48 AM (Misandry and Fathers)
    What MRAs have done for the globe..

    ..Fathers it would seem are still it’s anchor

    I should hope few men alive around 1940-1950 would disagree there was a time when women decreed ‘was their right to change their mind – ‘tis the feminine prerogative (goodness there is true power and control). At that time and going forward women bitterly complained that men saw them as objects who should never get fat.
    Around 1960-1970 there was a concept called tender years, it was but a belief, but a belief widely held. Tender years held that to young children only the mother was important and the one best trained. To Fathers and men this flew in the face of their manly thoughts, intuition and beliefs, Fathers and men have been nurtures for eons, and yet, tender years was the reason to award to mothers custody of children, child support funding and alimony.
    It was about this time that men of good sense began the call for peer reviewed empirical evidence. Evidence gathered following the Scientific method of O’ HEC (Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment and Conclusion). Our intuition served us well there was no peer reviewed empirical research to support the claim of tender years. The oft cited claims that Father did not matter was slowly put to rest. It is worthy to note though that even in 2011 there are those who attempt to assert tender years or words to that similar.
    It is also worthy to note that good men of sense began to mention that rhetoric was a statement that begged an answer, but diatribe was bitter criticism: a bitter verbal or written attack on somebody or something, and although for a few decades or so, even to this day by a few, rhetoric and the political process were assumed to be true.
    Roughly for construction’s sake let us allow that the 1980’s brought to us the wide held belief of repressed dreams of father abuse, and certain and true it was oft times said all fathers were abusers and mean. It was about this ...
    Tags: mras, research
    Fathers , Legal Matters
  6. We can not support Fatherhood with one hand and attack Fathers with the other.

    by , 25th-April-2011 at 06:03 AM (Misandry and Fathers)
    It is like peeing in your own mouth, true you can gain some hydration but over time the process fails.
    Here at AM we already have the peer reviewed empirical evidence that Father’s are critical to their children’s development (, and, we are building that set.
    If we divorce sons and daughters from their Fathers as we have for at least two generations, we gain the opportunity to effeminate men, make misandry seem more acceptable and create a fatherless environment that seems the norm, and yet, something is missing: our children know it at Christmas, an event at school, a graduation, a touch down even a Father and Daughter Dance.
    I have a friend who I believe is now in heaven, divorced in Michigan USA, about the time that the radical feminists usurped NOW, my friend the man who loved to fish and hunt never missed a child support payment. He stayed in contact with that first son, and after that son graduated high school: the son queried “where was the money, it seems like you abandoned me?” My friend and I at that time lived in a world of paper checks and receipts. My friend, perhaps a little rough spoken and an oak tree of a man, went to his bedroom closet and pulled out a box and brought it to a dining room table where he sat it before his first born son, “There are the receipts I never missed a payment, I love you son, and I know what you have been told, I am sorry for that and the life you lived with your mom, on this I have nothing else to say.” My friend raised three additional sons and I suppose he was my own mentor in some ways. When he left this earth, true to our promises, four guys gathered together in the middle of a wake, there was an honor toast to be drank and we had all made the oath; we toasted a kind life we would no longer enjoy in the present, some rather large fellows were shedding some tears and not a one of us were embarrassed.
    The most effective way to attack men and establish a matriarchy ...
  7. Are the Scandanavian Departments for Men a Victory?

    by , 24th-April-2011 at 02:58 AM (Rise of the Zeta Male)
    Denmark recently joined the ranks of countries with government boards for men’s issues. This is not the first of the Nordic countries to do this, in fact Denmark is one of the most recent. Norway’s is now 4 years old and is on its second panel of men. It sounds great right? Well maybe not, it is too soon to determine how Denmark’s department will turn out, but Norway’s is very much alive and controversial.

    The first thing that should be pointed out is that Norway’s panel calls for an end to “male ideals”. Now that sounds misandric at first and when you look at what it defines as ideals it still is. Now these ideals are things like being a slave to your job and not getting health care when needed out of fear of being seen as effeminate. If these are the genuine ideals of men in Norway, then yes they need to be changed. However, from an American standpoint, I would hardly call these “ideals” as being trapped out of fear is not exactly what I would call an ideal. Breaking free from roles is a big deal, but it is misandric to say these are men’s ideals.

    But Norway has excellent paternity leave; clearly something is being done right, even if they are tackling problems from a semi-misandric angle.

    Finland too, has gender equality reports with a chapter focusing solely on men, as well as excellent paternity leave.

    Denmark’s panel is made up of a single scholar, some business men, and a football player. Mostly these members are selected by feminist leaders, and this is going to frustrate a lot of people in the men’s rights community. But to them I have to ask, “What did you expect? It’s a feminist dominated government of course they were going to pick the members! But that doesn’t mean we can simply denounce it before seeing what it does”

    More Here
  8. Please find and read the data herein

    by , 21st-April-2011 at 04:46 PM (Misandry and Fathers)
    There was a time when little seemed to be known about men’s rights, Fathers rights and those of their children.
    There was a time too, despite the studies made, that word did not make it out to the street.
    There was a time when MRA’s and FRA’s need communicate through posted letters.
    Then came the time of the internet here
    Some Brothers sought to suppress known facts, for whatever reason
    We know of Sacks and Farr and others as well who have worked to thwart our defeat
    Truth to tell there are those out there who would tell men that women are their betters
    Within AM are studies and such, books, and links and ever so much, it is all here for a reason
    Ladies and men, for our children we should know all that is in each study
    As has been written whether Amneus or Braver there is a buttload of information to be had
    And with that information comes a freedom for our children

    There are indices on the front page, within the subpages, with in articles, blogs and studies. A fair amount of this information has been suppressed or omitted or otherwise not been generally available for at least two generations, and with the ignorance, of this information
    Has followed a void, and a suggested course of action, that may well NOT be in our best interest.
    Please find the time to read the material and tell at least one other person about it: ignorance is what has oppressed us.
  9. Loki's Brood or the Einherjar?

    by , 20th-April-2011 at 10:53 PM (Musings of a Pro-Human Woman)
    Quote Quote from Lady Catherine View Post
    In my very Heathen worldview, there is no such thing as "Good vs. Evil" it is rather "Order vs. Chaos." Heathen morality is often considered grey morality, things are never black and white, which is something that I agree with in the case of gender politics, though I will note that I believe that one side is more justified than the other. There are some feminists that I respect, and I certainly think they are fair and honorable people, but for the most part feminists are like, forces of chaos and destruction that do more harm than good. MRAs, on the other hand, are mostly decent people, but there are a couple of bad seeds, which is able to be weeded out by the community at large.

    I have been discussing the moral nature of feminism lately, and I am compelled to give a more Heathen outlook about it's nature and to give a more reasonable take on the pros and cons of feminism, which I will then give my conclusions about what kinds of concepts are salvageable and are worthy concepts in my personal ideology. If we take feminism at it's dictionary definition(which I suggest that we refute as Adam does in that superb article), it becomes painfully obvious that there is something wrong with the definition, it certainly doesn't reflect reality and all of the different kinds of feminism.

    Feminism is at its very core, a female advocacy movement. That on it's own isn't a bad thing, but it's female advocacy at the expense of men is not a good thing in fact it's a terrible thing. Certainly it's possible to be female positive while being male positive at the same time. When I look at history as I see it and I look at the here and now, I see a reoccurring pattern of oppression towards both men and women, it is ignorant and one-sided to claim otherwise. It does not matter who was/is more oppressed, but it certainly matters that we don't become drunk on ideology.

    There are two ideas I appreciate from feminism, one is female
  10. Sexual Services Act becomes UK law (Newsflash)

    by , 19th-April-2011 at 10:24 AM
    Quote Quote from Richard View Post
    On April 27, 2012 the Sexual Services Act comes into force. Charles Ponsonby-Smythe, Member of Parliament for Ridingdown South has heralded it as “a breakthrough for common sense”.

    From that day, men will be able to got to their GP (local doctor) and request the services of free state prostitute if they feel such a need.

    “This law will mean a drastic drop in rapes, human trafficking, organized crime, the spread of sexual disease, drug use, as well as improve the public’s sense of well being, and raise tax levels,” added a source from the British Men’s Movement.

    “At last I feel I don’t have to beg for sex from a woman" said one man. Another average man on the street said, at last I am I am happy to pay my taxes”.

    The idea originally came from Holland. In the late 1990’s health workers there received funding so that mentally disabled men with mental ages far below that of their biological age, and who were “pestering” women on the streets, were enrolled in a experimental program whereby they received the services of a prostitute once a month. “The effects were amazing, said Hans DeHook, a Amsterdam mental health worker, “our patients began to act more normal and there were no more incidents where they were arrested by police for pestering girls.”

    Under the new law the British NHS (National/state Health Service), some 30,000 “sexual wellbeing workers” are to be employed.

    A retired English gentleman in Australia has said “This law wants to make me move back to the UK, and the great thing is that there is no age limit on the men that can use it”.

    Feminist circles are divided over the issue, some seeing it as gross exploitation of women, others agreeing with the Men’s Movement that it will help radically stop rapes and other sex crimes.

    The legislation and the debate around the British Law ignited men’s movement and stimulated

    Updated 27th-April-2011 at 07:20 PM by Marx

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