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  2. Marriage is a Bad Deal for Most Men

    by , 29th-January-2010 at 09:31 PM (First Dibs)
    In spite of the current state of affairs the unpleasant stench of romance, courtship, chivalry, and marriage, which only requires obligations of men to women, are shoved down our throats on a daily basis. Well, if we’re going to hear about marriage it’s only fair that we hear about the possibility of divorce and all of the implications surrounding it.

    It’s no secret that women often marry men with more money or at least money is a huge priority in many relationships. With all of the providing of gifts, shelter, food, and even programs men pay for it can be argued that money is a huge priority amongst women regardless of being in an actual relationship, which is why an ex wife will gladly be single with your alimony payments.

    It is rare, however, that women marry those men less capable of providing for them but when it does occur (often during a marriage – e.g. recession) negative consequences are involved for the man. Now before some of these high and mighty princess malibus get on their soap box and tell me how sexist I am, I will point out that women also claim that men marry for beauty. For constructive purposes, let us make a comparison between a beautiful woman and a financially stable man.

    Inspired by poster on a forum but I have to refind the post:
    From an economic standpoint a beautiful woman is a depreciating asset and a financially stable man is an improving asset. It is very likely that a rich man will accumulate more wealth but a beautiful woman will not become more beautiful and if anything she will become less beautiful. She’d be lucky to be remotely attractive when she’s 35 but when he’s 35 he’d likely be wealthier.

    To those that take offense and jump on the female humping bandwagon keep in mind that if his money were to leave so would she. Therefore, a man needs a way out when her beauty leaves her. It is only fair, right? Plus, in the event of a divorce, she not only gets a way out ...
  3. I’m not like that

    by , 28th-January-2010 at 01:23 AM (First Dibs)
    It’s one of the most annoying phrases known to mankind and yet it doesn’t deter people from using it. Due to the frequency and intent of those that use this phrase it is also becoming one of the most dreaded 4 words to hear, and no, I’m not referring to “the baby isn’t yours”. Okay, admittedly, that might be a bit scarier to hear from one’s spouse but this is a distant 2nd.

    These words are “I’m not like that” and if you guessed it from reading the title then consider yourself smarter than the average bear, Yogi (the average intention span of humans is 3 words that’s why Obama’s slogan was “yes we can”).

    However irrelevant, redundant, and unnecessary these words are they frequently come up in gender discussions.

    These are some of the reasons why “I’m not like that” is stupid to say in a gender related discussion.

    1. You are not the center of the universe – I know for those of you that use this slogan this might be a bit startling but you are not the center of the universe. There is an entire would outside of you, observe it.

    2. Doesn’t change the facts - You, “not being like that” is usually of no relevance to the topic at hand nor does it invalidate the claims made. If you’re a man saying these things in gender related topics, stop! You are only validating the claims made against men by doing so. If you are a woman saying “I’m not like that” it is no indication that you aren’t like that nor does it address those women that are like that. I mean, what does it matter that you aren’t like that? Do you realize how often innocent men have gone to prison for false charges of abuse or rape? They weren’t “like that” but it didn’t change the fact that they suffered.

    3. We hear it all the time – I know that you think that when you say it, it ...

    Updated 28th-January-2010 at 01:28 AM by Popadibs

  4. The beauty of feminism

    by , 27th-January-2010 at 11:26 PM (First Dibs)
    I’ve heard it said that “destruction can be beautiful” and behold, the genius that said this was on to something. Feminism, in all of its ugly ways, possesses hidden beauty, like the eye of a shit storm.

    First of all, here are a few general problems I have with feminism:

    1. It’s insistence that only males are the cause of all the problems in the world.

    2. It’s hateful language and attitudes towards boys and men

    3. It’s lobbying to get laws passed that hurt men (with men’s tax money)

    4. It’s insistence that women are and always have been oppressed while simultaneously dismissing the harsh conditions in which males have survived in.

    5. It accepts no personal guilt for any damage it causes

    6. Inconsistencies (e.g. men aren’t necessary but men MUST stop rape, domestic violence, or a plethora of issues); if men aren’t necessary then we wouldn’t be needed to stop these issues

    7. It’s lies (e.g. glass ceiling)

    Due to the destruction that feminism has helped to bring to the family with the assistance of the court system and the state, more people, especially men, have become aware of the issues surrounding their lives.

    As a result, a growing portion of men stand for more noble causes than appeasing women at the expense of other men in order to gain approval from women. These men make up the men’s rights movement or at the very least are men going their own way.

    The true beauty of feminism is that in all of its ugliness, it reveals its true nature, and the more that that nature is revealed the less work will be required of us to prove our cause (but there is still work to be done). The damage that feminism has done and will continue to do has ...

    Updated 28th-January-2010 at 01:31 AM by Popadibs

  5. What needs to be identified

    by , 25th-January-2010 at 05:12 PM (First Dibs)
    (reposted as blog per request)

    When one begins to realize the significance of the roles certain groups and individuals, laws, and factors play in his life the experience can become eye awakening.

    It is essential that we unite for a common cause but in order to do so there are key elements that must be identified.

    We must identify:

    Men's issues - there are various issues affecting men listed thru out the forum but perhaps 1 place listing them all in a list with examples and documented evidence proving each issue could make a much stronger case. This could result in the awakening of those in an mental coma.

    Laws and policies that work against men and/or favor other groups but exclude men (or favor other groups at men's expense) - We could list these laws to not only stay updated but to have documented proof and citation to make our case much more convincing. We must indicate how these laws are unfair towards men.

    Our enemies - It is important to know what groups oppose men's rights. If we list what groups oppose men's rights it is important to know how they oppose men's rights and/or why they are enemies to men's rights. If it is against an group's best interest to help men be very suspicious. If an individual holds onto views that oppose the best interests of men be very cautious.

    Our allies - It is equally important to recognize our allies as it is to recognize our enemies. We must be able to make a distinction between our allies and our enemies. We can not afford to confuse them.

    Our core beliefs and principles - We all have different beliefs on certain issues but we must recognize our common beliefs when it comes to men's rights issues. Recognizing our common beliefs will help us separate disagreements from oppositions. Disagreements happen between 2 or more people working towards the same goals but opposition ...

    Updated 28th-January-2010 at 01:32 AM by Popadibs

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    by , 14th-October-2009 at 07:17 AM (First Dibs)
    Every now and then something comes along that is better than what came before it, perhaps, it is the pinnacle and it separates what came before from what comes after.

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