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  1. Blame and Responsibility

    , 11th-February-2008 at 01:15 AM
    First posted on 20th January, 2008.

    What I am going to say here may offend some people here but we value freedom of speech here, donít we? Besides, its always good to bring up a something that could start a debate.

    This steams from Friday, when I had my Christmas review in college. Unfortunately, while passing everything else, I failed the main module, although I wasnít the only one, 16 other people failed along with me! So yeah, I kind of obviously felt down about myself as a result and has led to me thinking about where I am in life at present and my future, including whatever or not I should drop out.

    I decided against that, instead deciding that Iím going to put my head down and really try my hardest, put in 110%, starting with the next project, which we will get on Monday, Among other things like going to a lecturer known for his brutal honesty ( who also happens to be the best - and the most real world experienced - lecturer on my course ) and asking him where I am going wrong and what I can do to fix it.

    But anyways, enough about that, from this, along with talking to a fellow MRA in the Chatroom last night, I spoke to him about how I, along with many others, were constantly complaining about the department being under - resourced, morale being extremely low, that the project briefs were crap and in my case, living an annoying 40 minute bus trip from college and coming from an unstable family life. In other words, I was blaming everyone and everything else for my failure but myself.

    With that I said this little gem that deserves to be shared;

    Accepting blame - even embracing it - is a sign of maturity. That is why we live in such an immature society!

    Which brings me to the core of this topic; In modern society, there is no where near enough responsibility. The vast majority of people dread the word Ď responsibility Ď as it actually makes them stop and think about the consequences ...

    Updated 11th-February-2008 at 03:25 AM by Marx (fixed youtube)

  2. On Politeness

    , 11th-February-2008 at 01:13 AM
    From April 1st, 2007.

    Recently, over on Fred X, I banged on the nail on the head with the following post ( We were talking about how SYG is slowly turning into a mangina central ) ;

    I hadn't yet linked to SYG on my blog but after reading, I'll NEVER be linking to SYG on my blog and I encourage others to take down the link from their blogs.

    And yes, Fred, I know what you mean when you said being nice is going to get us nowhere, I've noticed my tone is getting harsher on my blog as time goes by.

    Being polite doesn't win wars.
    Being polite doesn't get you ahead in life.

    and so on.

    The greatest men in history were anything but polite in their dealings and thatís why they left their mark in history because they had the balls to go after and capture their dreams!

    Although Fred X already has an article on this, I feel the need to expand on what Iíve bolded from my comment and gives my views on this issue.

    As a nice guy ( or maybe should I say one time nice guy? ) it was in my instinct to be kind and polite to everyone. Needless to say, an awful lot of jackasses abused this fact and made me look like a fool, very often in public as well! Need I mention I was pushed around by pretty much everyone as well? I think the fact girls simply ignored me for scum comes without mention as well!

    Needless to say, after all this and the Anon fem - hag that has being posting here the past few days, Iím through with being polite. Being polite never got me anywhere! The only time I ever achieved anything in my life was when my boiler of anger exploded and I become aggressive instead of passive.

    I am very fed up and pissed off with being polite and conforming and end up being treated like shit as a result and Iím sure loads of other guys are fed up with being polite as well!

    Consider this; Think of ...
  3. Intro

    , 11th-February-2008 at 01:12 AM

    This is NHY here. I'm not going to be using this so much, probably to only post some of my older posts from my main blog, An Irishman Against Feminism. Apart from that, don't expect any new material!

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