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  1. Why is dealing with kids so easy? I could get used to it.

    by , 22nd-May-2011 at 07:13 PM
    Really, the other day I was stuck with watching six kids. Since the person (female) who was meant to watch them was too lazy to do it.

    I had spent a few hours with the kids (cousins), and all I really needed to do was let them play some video games and watch some kid friendly cartoons I have on my computer and just sit with them and talk to them. Give them some attention and settle a few fights that may come up.

    Now, it did suck that I didn't have a decent size television or a better moniter for my computer and some extra controllers to keep four twerps from crying since "they didn't play" even though they did play. Also, some more outdoor toys would have been great so one kid wouldn't be so upset because another one wouldn't share. And to top it all off, lots of food. All of this would have made the job easier.

    Despite this, I think being a stay at home parent has to be the one of the coolest things ever. I say that for males and females, but only if you can actually have the money AND the time to pull it off. In other words a full time stay at home parent. No daycare, no shitty babysitters, and full attention for the kids when they aren't at school. As in no using your DVD player/Cable TV as a pacifier so you can do whatever you want (whether it's just peace or to do something selfish).

    Since if I do have kids, I want to be part of a lot of things they do. Make watching cartoons with dad a good memory not just something I can use to just play Zelda in the other room without my kid bugging me.

    Also, I do know that babysitting and parenting are different, but if dealing with kids isn't as hard or demeaning as feminists say it is, why did women want to get out of just a fun and easy job in which the payment is knowing you are putting great people in the world by being the parents of said person.

    Or maybe I lack the true experience of actually handling kids? I mean, a few ...
    Tags: parenting, youth

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